CycleOps Magnus



I’m curious that the Cycleops Magnus is not included in the list of smart trainers. Is there a reason? Will it work with TrainerRoad? I believe it is an Ant+ F-EC type trainer.


I’ve got a Magnus - it works fine with TR.

I’ve also tried pairing it simultaneously with my Stages PM, and the readings were almost identical. I also noticed that it’s not listed as a compatible trainer.

Expert thoughts care to chime in?


Thanks Jhardisk…


I have the newer version of the Magnus which is the M2 and it works perfectly. It has both Bluetooth and ANT+.


Does the M2 allow the TR software to adjust the resistance on the trainer using the Power Match feature?



I just finished my workout and checked the setting on the M2 in TR. It does show you can use powermatch. I don’t have any experience with that though as I use the M2 for power. Going to have to invest in a separate power meter


I’ve got a first gen Magnus. I use the TR android app using native ANT+ on my Samsung S7. Works great. Much more reliable than Bluetooth for me.

Only downside is that spindown isn’t available with TR. I do a cold spindown with the Rouvy app. Not ideal but at least I don’t have switch apps in the middle of a TR workout.


By spindown do you mean calibration?
I thought you have to calibrate your smart trainer before starting each workout!


A spindown calibration is a good idea, and recommended after around 10 minutes of use.

It is not “required” in the sense that the trainer won’t work. But you will generally get more accurate results once it is calibrated.


I’ve had the Magnus for little over a year and it works great. I recently compared the Magnus to the values from my Powertap G3 hub. I started with my wheel at 110 psi. 10 minute warmup and spindown in rouvy.
For 30 minutes or so my Magnus was 10-15 watts lower than the Powertap. 45 minutes into the training the Magnus was only about 5 watts lower.
If I can get the hot calibration in rouvy to work I’ll try that next


I also use a Magnus, primarily using Bluetooth control from my iPhone 7. It used to be listed as compatible, not sure why it was removed? I haven’t noticed any issues. I use the Rouvy app to perform calibration as I always have.

If you leave your bike on the trainer, and keep a consistent tire pressure I’ve found that you don’t need to perform a calibration before every workout (I do it once a week max). I actually like to calibrate at the end of the workout so it’s ready for the next one. I don’t like to waste 10 minutes prior to my workout warming up my trainer.

My Magnus power is pretty close to what my Stages (Left only) power measures. However, if you do a cold calibration the Magnus power will be slightly lower than reported once the tire/unit warms up. It’s not a big deal if you’re short on time, but definitely warm it up properly before an FTP test - unless you just want a big number. :slight_smile: