Cycling Memes and Jokes


Totally true, and funny as a result. Opens the conversation to maybe explain why that’s the case and help riders thinking die or do is the only way.


I’ve been doing a massive catchup on the fasttalk podcasts and one thing that struck me was that you should just do your tests (20min, 8 min, ramp or god forbid 60 min) as they come. No need to stress about them and do a taper and go in fresh. All they are for is to set your training zones. Nothing more. If you rest and taper like it is your A race you are just going to pay for it later. You don’t need to know what your best ftp is, you need to know what your general training ftp is.






Every. Time.









Basically everyone when they see Leconte on the schedule




I think this actually a barrier to good ftp test performance.


Yup, overemphasis on what should be seen as a simple step in the training process.


It’s a short workout plus good fun! :sweat_smile:


Indeed. I have been working to decrease the importance and (negative) anticipation of my ramp tests. I do them blind (only watching cadence) and just try to take it like any other hard workout. Fuel right, come in with a positive mindset, give it everything I have, take the FTP number at the end and then move on in my training schedule.


That was hilarious but I agree i am also team Nate.


Soooo true


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