Cyclist’s Syndrome / Pudendal Neuralgia, recovery advise and how to move forward?

Back at the beginning of year I got a really good deal on a CycleOps Hammer as they were making room for the new model. I had always been pretty fit and cycling regularly, but with the trainer and the discovery of TrainerRoad I’ve never been stronger.
As we all know, and as you’ve said in the pod-cast. Fitness is like a new toy and you really can’t wait to play with it. Along those lines I’ve been pretty steady maintaining mid-volume plans and then doing some larger road and gravel rides on the weekends.
Over the last couple months, i started developing some pain in an area that was only meant to be treated nicely. I had a proper fit done and have tried saddles to take the pressure off, but the problem culminated after a century ride a couple weeks ago where I find myself pretty much unable to do anything active without pain. Looking at my symptoms I’m pretty much 99.9% sure it’s Pudendal Neuralgia (also lovingly referred to as Cyclist’s syndrome). EDIT: I am seeking medical advice from professionals as well and am not seeking TrainerRoad advice in lieu of proper medical care, but to compliment it.

It’s a bit surprising to me that this doesn’t come up more, as I definitely don’t train as much as many of those in this community who can maintain high-volume plans without issue.

My questions are, what are your takes on this issue and have any of you experienced it? And if so, what recovery techniques did you go through to get yourself back on the bike? Lastly, how long did the recovery take? I’ve been excercising 5-6 days a week since I was 17 ( I’m 38 now) and the last couple weeks have been maddening as I watch my fitness melt away…

Thank you all so much for everything you guys do. Great product and great podcast. 15 stars!


I don’t have an answer, but you do have my sympathies!

Interesting issue, but what I don’t see in your comments is any review by a physician.

  • For anything that seems as painful as this, I think that should be your starting point.
  • Self-diagnosis can be a start, but also potentially misleading and not at all correct.
  • Let a professional hear your issues and make a proper diagnosis. Then they can give you options and direction that is hopefully better than what you may receive with a personal assessment.

I appreciate that, and I’ve made some appointments and am going that route of course. Appointments are weeks out and I’m curious what other experienced cyclists have to say, especially since knowledge is sparse for this topic, even in the medical community.

Don’t worry, I’m not entrusting my health to the those on the internet. I’m more looking for anecdotal experiences from like-minded individuals who might’ve gone through this as part of training, and who might be able to share mistakes they made, things that worked best, or things they would’ve done differently.

Adding an edit to my original post.

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Yes, I have lots I can share with you. I had to take 3 months off last year and have only recently started racing again. To give you some hope it may only be pudendal nerve irritation. The details I’ll have to go into are quite personal so if there’s any way of chatting offline I’m happy to share my experiences.

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PM sent, thank you so much.