Dangerous Drivers

In lieu of a tank (possibly with live amo) that might give appropriate feedback to “deserving” mororists is to have one of these readily accessible:

I’m sure one could figure out an ingenious method for carrying and/or attaching to ones bike to give appropriate feedback to deserving motorists when the situation warrants.

Applicable to human drivers? :thinking:

I got the Cycliq camera set after a week of getting buzzed by a gas tanker truck on country roads, I wanted video to show his boss that he doesn’t know how to behave on narrow roads around bicycles.

The video quality is decent, the software is touchy and running both cameras with the radar seems to glitch the Garmin and give disconnects of random lights - maybe 2 taillights isn’t supported by the 1030, I don’t know but I just run the cameras unconnected to the computer and it solved the annoyance.

Overall they’re pretty plug-and-play, but keep them topped off because they don’t really seem to turn “off” and may be dead or low battery if you haven’t used them for a while (like occasional outdoor rides during winter weather indoor breaks). Cheaper than a GoPro and more specialized to the task of being a bike camera. Looking forward to continued improvements to the 1080p cameras in future hardware but for the price it works.

As a backup plan, I found a tomahawk by the road last fall during a ride and noticed as I carried it home the drivers didn’t get very close. I even added some beautiful Silca grip tape to it…


It can be hard to pick up plate numbers in shadows. I had a car pass us and blast their horn the entire time. While they passed, I shouted out the plate number so the camera could record it. But I know it’s not always possible to call it out. We don’t require front facing license plates here, so in a case like where I was hit from behind last year, if the driver didn’t stop, who knows if anything would have been picked up (plate-wise).

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An interesting take on driving and how to stay alive (albeit from a driver’s perspective, but still somewhat applicable to cyclists):


I do a lot of 2 lane driving. Can be scary at times when you see another vehicle approaching that is close to or over the yellow line. Is that as far as they’ll come, or are they going to continue over to my side?

I generally slow down and drive as far to the right as I can when an approaching vehicle is passing.