Data field during workout

Hi, fairly new to the forum so I don’t know if this has been covered. Was looking to see if I can remove the heart rate screen on the display during workouts?

Listened to a number of podcasts on TR and it cropped up a number of times with people focusing a little to much on HR during the workouts, I’m guilty of this and as such was looking to omit that screen during the workout and deal only with data that’s most beneficial to me.

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Nothing available now. There have been requests for user customizable data fields in the past. This is good as another example of a possibile use case.

A strategically placed piece of electrical tape would do the job.


At least I can stop looking at the moment then. Would be brilliant if you could swap the tiles around, resize maybe as well.

I had thought of a post it note maybe, don’t want to mess up the monitor though.

Throw a tea towel over that quadrant of the monitor.

I’d back a request for being able to hide/add data fields to the UI in a workout.

Draping a towel or sticking a piece of tape on the monitor isn’t the most ‘elegant’ solution

The draped tea towel whilst a sage suggestion might well distract me even more.

Yeah, but neither is the puddle of sweat on the floor, or stench in my basement near the trainer…

Try concentrating on your power number and keeping it consistent.
I do not remember myself looking at HR values during workout lately.

I would rather want developers focusing on more awesome features than small customizations in displayed data fields.

I’ve got a big arsed towel for sweat purposes