Deal/Sales/Discounts for Cycling "Stuff"


Don’t hold out on us…Link me.


haha…Competitive Cyclist. Funny thing is…box had a BackCountry shipping label from Utah!

So many things to upgrade on the 2013 Focus Cayo…but figured a part I touch and stare at all the time isn’t a bad place to drop some work bonus cash on. Torque wrench, cable cutters, carbon fiber gel, Jagwire Rocket adjusters, aluminum cable housing caps, cable end caps, SRAM hoods, and Cinelli cork all arrive tonight. Gonna be a fun Sat. morning after I finish Tallac +3!


Nice one. It looks like there are a lot of exclusions, particularly for the pricey stuff (PM’s, drivetrains).

My wife has a basic CAAD12 and I was looking at component upgrades prioritized by cost/gram saved. Handlebars, saddles, wheel-set, inner tubes and bar tape are the best places to start by that criteria.


Good to know about the taxes. Core is back ordered on clever training. What made you choose the kickr 18 over the core?


Short answer: I just don’t like the look of the Core

Long answer: Wahoo Kickr or Tacx Neo? (and discussion on STAC Zero Halcyon)


BackCountry and Competitive Cyclist are the same company. If you have a GearHead at BC, they can get you most stuff in CC’s catalog and apply the same discounts.

The blog has a standing 10% discount code at CC. When it applies, it stacks with sales.


@jgthomas59 wins the link of the day award!


Thanks. Changed my mind and grabbed the Kickr 18 from clever training. I’ve been hearing a lot about some of the manufacturing problems with these new Kickrs, so hopefully I don’t get a bad unit.

#29 is having some pretty good sales on Sunglasses and Tri kit for the lead up to Black Friday.


Consolidated sales listing from DC Rainmaker for Black Friday and Cyber Monday.


FYI, Honey Stinger is having a 50% off sale today on everything for cyber Monday. Free shipping over $50.


Enjoy while it last


Awesome! I wanted a second one and this is a great price!


caveat emptor


Still not bad if it works…getting one


Of course it’s not bad if it works…that wasn’t exactly my point


This is a great deal on a fan for your trainer. It throws out a huge amount of air. Its pretty loud but works great.


Normally I’m a Hammer Nutrition guy, but since I’m in my Base phase and always wondered about Skratch Labs hydration and recovery products, it seems like a 20% off sale is a perfect time to give it a try. Spend $50 and also get free shipping.


Want to get a crock pot for lubbing your chain: use coupon “lunch” and get 3 of them for $33 including free shipping.


deal is over. Went to pull trigger this am and price is back to $84. Thanks for the info.