Deal/Sales/Discounts for Cycling "Stuff"

Probably all those damn TR users using up all the good deals.

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DR Pro DJ Laptop Stand

$20 instead of $100

Maybe not the best and quite flimsy:

I got my Kickr Core from Zwift a week ago. Clever training said that Wahoo Kickr cannot be discounted, but that you would receive a VIP 20% on another product. Unfortunately, a lot of the popular products cannot be purchased with that 20% VIP coupon.
So, now, you are saying that other companies are discounting the Wahoo trainers…this is big news!

The wahoo trainers were discounted on Black Friday like any other brands.

I got some Skratch hydration orange flavored mix from a Performance Shop that was closing. Don’t like it as much as Hammer Heed. Will use it up though before the outside season starts

I agree. I bought several small bags I now need to use up. It’s too sweet and gave me a stomach ache. Back to the Hammer products I can trust. Don’t understand the hype of Skratch.

The history of Skratch is that before it was Skratch it was “Secret Drink Mix”. Dr. Allen Lim developed it for his athletes that were getting gut rot from their other nutrition products. It became so popular that other world tour team riders were asking for it so it became known as the Secret Drink Mix among them due to it being an on the down low non-sponsored product. Fast forward a few years and they turned it into a commercially available product.

Personally for me it’s not a sweet as a lot of other products that would give me major bloating and discomfort on the bike. Orange is probably the sweetest flavor of them all, I would suggest trying the Lemon Lime if you like a less sweet more sour flavor. Taste is individual, I’ve never tried Hammer so I cannot compare.

I literally had the opposite reaction to Skratch. I guess that’s why there are different brands for different bodies… one mans trash.

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If you are in the market for an aero road helmet, are female or male, and you don’t mind “feminine” colors, the Specialized S-Works Women’s Evade is on sale for $70 (down from $225). Obviously, this is not the new evade. The only difference is that they have that hairport thing for pony tails in the back, otherwise it’s identical to the “men’s version.”

Only available in size L, though.

Just picked one up myself, with an extra $25 for shipping to Japan, but it’s a great deal.
Thought it might be nice to give others the heads up!

Would be nice if you could provide a link.

I tried but I can’t link specifically to that colour and size.
It’s easy to find though, it’s the bright blue one!

Hi all, I know the Yeti Gallon Jug was mentioned on the podcast as one of the best gifts for a cyclist. At over 100 bucks it’s a little unrealistic.

The RTic variants are great and can be picked up for just over 30 bucks right now. They are usually under 50 anyways.

I have had one for 6 months and it’s fantastic for filling camelbacks and an icey shower after a long ride in the Texas Heat. I used it a week ago to mix up a full gallon of my carbohydrate drink so it was always ice cold when refilling packs and bottles.

Pick one up if you are interested.


I’ll bite, do you have a link?

Thanks for posting the link. I have no affiliation with RTic, but I did use mine today at the race. :slight_smile:

Should have posted this earlier.

REI has a 20% off any one product and a 20% off any one product from REI Outlet.

As my Kickr Core started to die 4 weeks in, I just ordered a Cycleops H2.

Normal Price at REI is $1000 and after discount it works to $800 plus a $20.00 membership fee. So $820 for a brand new H2.

Ends on April 8.

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Anyone looking to make a full priced (no sale items) purchase from Jenson USA? If so I have a 15% off coupon that I will not be able to use before it expires (30 days from April 5). Send me a PM and I’ll give you the code. FCFS and no holds :smiley:

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The team behind pcpartpicker recently put out Cyclingbuilder which will sort of function as a price alert system for components. You build a bike and it can setup price alerts and tracking of individual components.

The parts database isn’t super expansive yet and there’s only a few vendors currently being tracked, but with pcpp being robust in the computer building arena I think this has potential for cycling parts as well as they grow. There is a function to submit a product page or part to the system which will likely lead to algorithms to scrape more vendors.

Clever training has their 20% off VIP Sale on right now.