Deals/Sales/Discounts for Cycling "Stuff"

Competitive Cyclist has Cervelo P2s for 2k. Or a P3 Di2 for $4.2k.

Can you point me to more information on the first time buyers discount? I can’t seem to find the info on their site. Thanks

I have a little banner at the top of the page that says first time buyer click here and a pop up comes up to enter your e-mail address so they can send you marketing junk along with a code I bet.

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(looks like this is back up to $999 now)
Bike Closet has the H3 for $749 right now. (+$40 shipping in US). Just pulled the trigger!

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Osmo UK is ending distribution. Their pain is your pleasure: their leftover stock of lemon-lime is 50% off with free shipping in the UK if you order over 65GBP. I ordered to Poland for 10GBP.

Pactimo has a good sale going on right now (50% or more off retail) on some of their past seasons gear. I wear a medium jersey and they are mostly sold out, but seems to be plenty of smalls available!

I have an H1 in a 3rd floor apartment. I have some cheapo rubber exercise mats underneath that dampen the vibration and haven’t had a single complaint yet!


I scored some gear last week from the sale. Can’t complain with those sale prices. The gear fits me well enough and it’s affordable. It’s become my “go-to” gear brand.

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Bummer! They don’t ship to Oz and they have stuff big enough for me.

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For any rim brake fans, Merlin has Zipp 303 NSW and 404 NSWs for 2,093.75 USD, free shipping and no tax. I’ve never seen NSWs marked down that much. They have some other non-NSW Zipp wheels 30% off too, including some disc versions.

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