Deals/Sales/Discounts for Cycling "Stuff"

The classic Kickr 2017 is on sale this weekend. I suspect they don’t have a bunch of these on hand, so I would buy quickly if you want one of the “good” ones.


Only Good for Canadians as it’s 27$ more for Americans

lifeline trainer desk.

118 plus shipping worked out to around 135 Canadian. That’s cheaper than it is on Amazon. Com and when you try to ship the desks to Canada they are almost the same price as the wahoo desk. Ordered Monday and arrived from the UK today. Very pleased with it.

science in sport is having a summer sale! 40% off your purchase of $50 or more with code SUMMERTIME


I just wish their stuff had a better consistency/texture. YUCK

Cyclops H2 on sale 799.99 till midnight

That is not the price I see. It is $1199.99 USD regular, and on sale for $999.99 USD per this page.


Apologize, for gold members.


Any info on how someone becomes a Gold Member?

Maybe sign up for the email list?

I’ve been buying from BikeTiresDirect for years and don’t recall exactly.

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If I recall you have to have purchased from them before - don’t remember if it is order frequency or amount that puts you over the threshold. Fairly certain that you need to have an account and placed a few orders to qualify

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Asked on chat:


It was like an order before I reached gold, didn’t take much. Now I get these discount offers quite often. Pretty good deals. And they’re local to me so I can pick up the same day if I wanted.

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Looks like Wahoo is offering the Kickr Snap at $500 (from the regular $600) for period of time (unknown other than “sale” being shown at the pricing).

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Wahoo just lowered the price of the Snap to $499 from $599. Wife is getting the bug. Good deal or not? I am shooting for low cost for her to get into this. I have a Elite Direto so no experience with wheel on trainers except the cheap dumb trainer I had before this that was wind.

Not a bad deal, but not great either. Clever and other vendors typically have 20% off once or twice a year, so $499 is not quite 20% off. I think even Wahoo was offering the Snap for $480 last holiday season a few times.

Typically when companies (permanently?) lower the price of an item that has been around for a few years, it’s because a new model is just around the corner (case in point, Garmin did the same thing a few months ago to their Edge 820 right before the 830 was announced). New trainers are typically announced in August-September, so we’ll probably see a KICKR Snap 2020 coming soon, hence the reason for the price drop. If it was me, I would wait.

@mike091979 do your research on Wahoo…

To be fair this can be said for any trainer model/company.

I’ve got a Kickr Core in as new condition that I’d happily sell for that amount if my next refund request is rejected.
On the other hand I have a mate who uses a Snap without issue.

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@Rosscopeco I have to disagree. Wahoo takes the cake on this topic. Wahoo gets no more of my money

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No more of mine either. I totally agree.
My experience with Wahoo has been poo.


@Rosscopeco your response literally made me chuckle out loud :smiley::joy:

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