Dexa Scans! At home scales, my results and reference pics


Yeah, we like our abbreviations here! If we had to type out all those names each time we used them we surely would have to had 1-2 TSS per week to account for it. :slight_smile:


Just another data point for everyone and some feedback on available DXA scans. I used Body Spec this morning for my first DXA. They are a mobile truck with a scanner that goes to gyms, offices, etc in Austin, LA, SF and maybe a few others. Scan was $45, so well worth a try.

I am 6’1" and 155lb. Have decent ab definition and most ribs visible for reference on the below numbers.
I use a fitbit Aria scale regularly in non-athlete mode and typically get right around 7% (athlete mode gives in the 5.5% range. Both readings are probably lower than actual).
DXA scan today read 10.2% - results attached below for reference. Overall I’m happy with it, I think it’s accurate enough for my purposes, and cheap enough that I will do it regularly for trending.


10% on the Dexa is very lean! Congrats!


When your body uses fat as fuel the residues are 20% water and 80% CO2. So, exercising can increase body water. Of course you sweat some of it off, but as you drink as well that pretty much balances out. Bottom line is, I’m not surprised if fat is down and water is up right after a ride. Your body will regulate the water level lower as you adjust post-ride.


Interesting, that does seem like it could explain it!


That’s weird, this doesn’t work for me, and it’s annoyed me for ages. Might try decoupling the apps and reconnecting again.

Edit: It’s the MFP > GC part that doesn’t work. Health Mate > MFP is fine.