Dirty Kanza 2019 Rider/Racer Discussion


I rode IRC Boken’s in 36c last year (they measured 37c on my Reynolds ATR 700s with 23mm ID) and they were perfect. I’ll be back this year and likely use the same tires. I would roll anything 36-40 (at 700c) with good flat protection.


thanks… last year i didn’t get in via the lottery and had to wait to get a transfer slot that didn’t come until April… so stoked to get in via the lottery this year.


Agreed, suggestions on tires would be helpful too. I was thinking either Panaracer Gravel King SK’s or the 60tpi Maxxis Rambler’s. Really looking for an option that will stand up to the flint rocks, we dont have that type of gravel around my area and flats arent normally an issue on my local roads.


I’m in…first timer in the 50-54 age category. Now I need to build a bike… 6’ 4", 35" inseam and long arms. Suggestions on frames for tall people that I can use to build up? I prefer steel, carbon or titanium…but I can’t drop $3K on a custom Ti frame. Thoughts?


I’m running Schwable G-Ones 38. But I’ve heard they aren’t great for DK. Thinking about switching to Gravel King SK or the WTB resolutes 42. Might check out the IRC’s. I’ve heard that if you aren’t trying to stay with the lead group (which I’m not), go for the fattest tire you can fit for comfort.

@jdubcx You obviously did ok with the 38s. How was the comfort?


I actually rode 36s at about 38 psi and they were perfect. I love the schwalbe g-ones… probably my favorite all around tire and i raced it quite and bit and at gravel worlds… but NO WAY would I use it for DK. Not nearly enough flat protection. I know a lot of people who have tired it at DK and had multiple flats. Ted King and Allison Tetrick have won it on that tire in a 650b… but had flats.

I would look for something with extra flat protection even if they are a little heavier. I also love WTB tires but a bit too lightweight in my opinion. I would look at the Maxxis Rambler in 38 or 40 with their silk shield… a very popular tire last year but my bike wouldn’t fit them. The new Donnely EMP (Emporia… designed for DK) looks pretty rad too.

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I’ve been a fan of Clement/Donnelly’s tires for a while. Figuring their EMP might be worth testing considering the event.

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@elysianbike i’ve used the MSO’s in the past and did like them. The EMP’s might be worth a try!

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I hope ya’ll kill it! I think we need to go out and do DK one year. We’re already pretty booked this year so I don’t think we’ll make it.

Good luck everyone!


Thanks @Nate. I’m feeling good as I’ve been super diligent staying consistent with my TR training. Just finished week 5 of SSB2. Crushed Leconte. Was smiling when @chad said “that’s one of the toughest in our library.” Looks like FTP is going up.

And the forum is a fantastic resource for sharing information and getting ideas. I’m going to try to corral the TR riders for a pre-race photo.


Yes, that is a hard workout! That’s on the calendar for me today and I’m a bit nervous :sweat_smile:.

If you get a pic please share it in the forum!

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Will definitely post pics on the forum.

Spencer was the workout that crushed me this week.

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I had assumed it was Dirty Kansas when hearing about it on the podcast and that they were lazy with their S’s




Folks, I’m wondering if anyone has insight on the WTB Riddler 700x37 tires and how they’d handle everything that DK throws at you.


No experience. I’ve heard good things about the wider Resolutes. I think I’m going to run Gravelking SK 43s, Donnely (formerly Clement) EMPs 38s, or Kenda flint ridge. One consistent theme I’ve heard is run a new or almost new tire and go as wide as your bike will clear while still allowing for some mud.

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I believe when i looked up the most popular tire for Kanza, the rambler came up on top of the list. That’s what I’m doing. 40 set up tubeless

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I was going to go with the ramblers, but am rolling the dice and have bought a pair of donnelly emp’s that i am going to use this year. I hope they hold up well for me during the race.


I’m toying with the idea of running Schwalbe Marathon Almotions.

Just for something different.


Any recommendations for bar bags? I’m not wearing a pack and want a good system up front for snacks. I like to have a fair bit of real food on board.

I’m looking at the Bedrock Bags Tapeats https://www.bedrockbags.com/gear/tapeats-handlebar-bag

Looks like easy one handed operation. Easy to access and easy to fill at the aid stations.

Any other recommendations?

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