Disappointing Ramp Test



Should have read your post before my ramp test tonight. My legs just weren’t ready for the top end power needed. The test I did 5 weeks ago gave me 254 and my heart rate topped out at 192. Today I got 232 and my heart rate was 177 max. Just couldnt put anymore power through the pedals. I’ll be doing Davis next time to get those pistons warmed up!


Did you do an external warm-up prior to the test with the 254w / 192bpm test?

I ask because the most important aspect to testing and having basis for comparison is to be consistent, and test the same way each time.

Adding a specific warm-up is ok, but must do it each and every time from that point forward, so you can have comparable data.


I’m not going to bother retesting (8-min or ramp). Last night did Carpathian Peak, it is an over-under, and played with %. Based on that I’m knocking down ftp from 245 to 230 and will tweak as necessary. I’m in build so next test in 4 weeks.


I did a custom warmup for the ramp test and add it to the calendar, so that day i warm up, spindown the trainer, zero offset my PM and then i start the test. Probably is not ideal since you are carring a little fatigue to the test, but if i keep consistency in all the tests that i do, i think shouldnt be a problem

Probably you dont find the ramp test in the WC becouse of the “dinamic” nature of the test, is not like an usual workout with the time fixed, so i asume it requeres some extra coding behind courtains


No, I didn’t in the test 5 weeks ago.

I agree, best to keep it the same, so if I do it next time I should do it in subsequent tests.


Since the test prep was the same for both (no warm-up), have you considered the reason for the lower performance?


Thought about just adding one of two warm ups that I picked to calendar, but for other reasons I’m going to use 8-min on next test in 4 weeks and likely just stick with that for remainder of 2019.


Another one here looking for feedback after an unexpected Ramp Test.

Just completed General Build Mid Volume. Quite successfully & very consistent. I skipped one Sunday workout to ride outside instead and skipped one Thursday O/U leading into a race weekend.

254W to 256W. Now 3.74 w/kg. Weight at 151 and stayed steady during the block. If I was coming out of base, I would be disappointed but maybe not surprised. But coming out of Build I would have expected a better improvement. My workouts were appropriately challenging throughout the block.

Sleep has been 7 - 9 hours a night. Nutrition has been much better than normal (fueling for workouts, healthy carbs, etc.). Relatively little stress elsewhere. Do have a 6 month old at home but she’s pretty easy going.

Rest week was a bit adjusted, I did a Tues/Thurs Pettit ride and had a C race on Saturday. Felt super fresh & strong there. The following Monday/Tuesday was a trip across the country so Wednesday I took a complete day off & fueled rested well before my test yesterday (Thursday).

The highest I’ve ever been (270 in 2017) and the highest I’ve been recently (260 in Sep 2018) have come after SSB Mid plans. Hitting 260 in September was after mostly consistent training, but also had a 1 month old at the time.

Knowing that I am able to go higher & that Ramp Tests typically matched my old 8 minute tests well, I have a two theories:

  1. I need more sweet spot & muscle endurance workouts & my body responds better to those versus v02.
  2. Despite coming off a rest week and taking a day off after travel, I was more beat down than I thought.

Anyone have any thoughts? Much appreciated!


same, and my best bumps in fitness (before and after TR) have come after doing more sweet spot work. Also heard on the podcast that more people are seeing fitness gains during base, if I recall correctly.


Yes, I was thinking the temperature played a part. It was a lot colder on this test compared to the last. In fact I only put one fan on instead of two because it was so cold.


If I read this correctly, you raced Saturday, nothing Sunday through Wednesday, along with a cross country trip/drive Monday/Tuesday?

Your profile says you’re from Arizona. I’ve driven east coast to CA and midwest to CA multiple times, usually taking 3 days so I’m only in the car for about 8 hours a day. You did something similar in two days, so maybe 12 hour days in the car?

Asking if I have that right… if all that is true, I think it’s pretty simple: you were stale going into the test.

Even without the drive, if you didn’t ride from Saturday after your race all the way to your test on Thursday, I’d still say you were stale. I’d bet if you’d done an opener workout (Truuli -2) one day prior (Wednesday) and then tested, you would’ve performed better.


Almost correct @nash031 , realizing I just needed to add more clarification & forgot a detail. Whoops.

1:30 XC race on Saturday. Nothing Sunday - Tuesday. I flew from PHX to DC for a business meeting Monday, came back Tuesday. Wore earplugs on the plane after Amber talked about that topic on the podcast too. Haha

Wednesday night I did Rogers (I’d completely forgotten about that) and felt good, so I proceeded with the Ramp on Thursday.

Thanks for the thought though. When you lay it out like that, even with doing Rogers, I could definitely see where I might be a bit flat/fatigued from the trip.

And @bbarrera thanks for the response. Interesting you see the best bumps with SS. I know a lot in this thread mention they drop FTP (at least on the Ramp Test) after SSB but perhaps physiologically their FTP actually increased, it just doesn’t manifest itself in the test.


Yeah, I think your body gave you a bit of a “WTF dude?” On Thursday. While Rogers doesn’t have a high IF, it’s longish efforts slightly above threshold after three days off, travel, and race fatigue before that. There’s a lot of stress there, and some mixed physical signals. Not an ideal way to enter an all out, “bury yourself” effort.

Lots of time off sends our bodies signals that they can shut off and recover more slowly. That’s what gives us the stale feeling after a couple days off after a hard effort. You might’ve felt fresh Wednesday, and responded well to Rogers, but your body was probably expecting recovery after it and then you threw it a ramp test. Ideally you’d do something easy, then an opener, then a ramp test after a short layoff to make sure your body was properly primed.

That you registered a higher FTP at all under those circumstances is pretty good, especially so close to your all time high. I bet your future workouts will show you’re in the 260s.


I’m thinking just boycot FTP tests altogether


But… but… my self worth is entirely based on my FTP!! Blasphemer.


I just want the slogan from the sales pitch to come true.

How many people actually accept the FTP test result when your FTP goes down by a few watts?


Try not to worry too much about it, keep training and test again next week.

This sort of thing happens to me quite a lot, the ramp test allows you to retest as suits, where the old protocols needed a bit more recouperation imo.

I think training teaches us lessons about our bodies, one of which is that your form can change daily.


I always lower my FTP after a ramptest😀


If the following workouts and my lead up to the test lean towards the drop being accurate, I keep it.

This is about training and using a reasonable reference point to set training zones. Use the right number.


Sometimes. If its within a % or two then no… I generally stick with the higher one. If it was a big drop I would accept… but reflect upon the days leading up to it and see if I could understand a reason for it.