DIY Training Studio with Trainer Road


I am pursuing the idea of opening up a small training studio. Basically I am out growing my garage and want to find a small place to rent and install all my pain cave gear. To off set the costs of my equipment I was thinking to rent out my trainer/treadmill/Vasa trainer to anyone that wants to utilize them. Online services such as Training Peaks and Today’s plan have a plan where coaches can add athletes at a reduced price. Does Trainer Road have such an option? I want to introduce people in my area to TrainerRoad and am thinking about including TR in the price of renting out my equipment. Is it possible to create a coaching account in TR? Anyone do anything similar to this? Any advice or comments are welcomed. My grand vision is a sort of VROOM Cycling studio with the addition of treadmill and Vasa trainer. Thanks in advance. Best regards, Paul


There are no coaching level or gym use options for TR. Each user needs a unique account.


Thank you sir!

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