Does anyone want to do the swim leg of 70.3 Santa Rosa on a relay team with me?

My wife and I are doing Ironman 70.3 Santa Rosa as a relay. She was going to do the swim but does not feel prepared. We’ll pay for the entry, you just have to show up and swim :-D. No need to stay for the rest of the race.

The race is on Sat July 27th. It’s a 1.2 mile open water swim.

If more than one person wants to do it we’ll take the fastest swimmer (although you don’t need to be fast to be with us…we really just need a swimmer!).

If you know of a good swimmer in the bay area please let them know.


oh snap. I have a friend who was originally planning to do the full race but had to drop out because of a foot injury, so he’s just been in the pool all this time. He’s going anyway, lemme shout at him and see if he’s interested.

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I tried to line up a ringer for ya, but she is still in Kona training for this years race.

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Well that sounds perfect!

He says he’s totally down. How should we contact you / coordinate this?! Woot!!


fantastic – just sent an email introducing you both ^^

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