Does anyone with a smart trainer switch off erg mode?


Yes i switch off ERG mode and use Resistance Mode along with Powermatch on my Wahoo Kickr. I find it is the most accurate and consistent way of riding with power plus if nothing else it forces me to monitor my pedal stroke closer when on the trainer as you don’t have the benefit of ERG mode on the road !


I have Eagle on the trainer and on the trails and I don’t get any “grinding “ with 4,000+ miles on the Eagle this year. Something sounds off there, that’s not right. Also I have no chain crossover issues either.

Possibly your chain is too short or your gears aren’t indexed properly.


Yeah, agreed. I use Eagle on my Kickr as well and have never had this issue.

It’s made worse on my new bike with Eagle as the little cog grinds when I get into the high power stuff.
Chain crossover is way worse on the trainer. At least it sounds worse than when I use that gear in anger out on the trails.

Are you saying that you have issues with cross-chaining an Eagle drivetrain? How is that possible? Eagle is a single-ring drivetrain (1x12) and is not compatible with multiple chainrings…?


Hi Joeyfrench.
Chain crossover may not be the correct term. My chain is not silky smooth in the smallest cog on the cassette. The angle of the chain means it drags ever so slightly on the next cog on it’s way back to the crank. I can tell when the chain link goes past. There’s no adjustment to be made as the bike frame dictates chain line. (Scott Spark RC version with Eagle drivetrain).


Thanks Mi-xc.
I checked over the set up to see what the problem was. The chain rubs the next cog as it goes back towards the crank. I think I don’t notice it on the trails and need to ignore it indoors.
Thanks for the advice.



I’ve got a KICKR 18 and run a Quarq D-Zero powermeter and use Powermatch when doing workouts. I’m new to ERG mode and notice at times during my steadier state intervals that I have to shift into easier gears to keep my cadence up. I’m not tired when this happens and find that if I don’t my cadence starts to drop.

Does anyone else experience this with Erg mode?


There is a difference and @Bryce explained it recently.
Standard allows a bigger range of gears I think. It is the mode that should be used when not in erg mode
You can run out of gears in resistance mode. I will try and find a link to his explanation later.


I’m happy to chime in here :slight_smile:


This graph shows watts on the y axis and speed on the x axis. As your speed increases on a fluid trainer (Standard Mode), your resistance increases exponentially. This mode more closely replicates the exponentially increasing resistance you experience outdoors, and some say this has a more “realistic road feel”.

For the Magnetic trainer (resistance mode), the resistance increases linearly.

The major advantage of the Fluid Power Curve (Standard Mode) is that one setting can cover a wider range of wattages. Since the curve ramps up, the maximum power you can generate in a giving setting is greater than the Magnetic curve (Resistance Mode), which can be seen in the graph.

I hope this helps!


This! For those not on Direct Drive trainers the speed of the motor that adjusts the resistance is sometimes can vary dramatically. For instance I use what might be the cheapest Elite smart trainer (Qubo Digital Smart B+). I’ve trained successfully on it for the past year. However the adjustment time is so slow that when I hit very suddenly resistance changes in ERG mode the trainer will only arrive at the required resistance five seconds after say a 20 second interval is in fact finished. This is quite normal behavior and the workaround is to simply switch off ERG mode in those rarer (for me at least) situations. I’m mostly a time trial specialist so this behavior doesn’t bother me too much. I could see it being annoying if I was a sprint specialist though and perhaps I’ll switch to a direct drive trainer when funds allow… which is probably never because most investments go into making my bikes faster on the road!


It helps a lot. A picture is worth a 1000 words as Telly Savalas said.