Does your sleep requirements increase with volume?



Hi guys (non gender specific)

Do people find they need significantly more sleep when they are increasing volume, also if you stabilise volume once its raised do you find you go back to your old sleeping patterns.

I would be interested to hear other peoples experiences.

thanks very much.



Not significantly more but yes I do see myself having days when I’m struggling to get up until 7am (I’m usually a 5am and perky annoying sort). I think it’s complicated by the fact that I’ll have more disrupted sleep if I’ve been hammering it so maybe that’s what’s causing the extra need to lie in occasionally as opposed to my regular hours of sleep not being enough to recover.



I am starting to build up the hours in my tri training and am needing so much more sleep (and calories). During a typical week previously (about 10-13 hours), I was fine with 8 hours of sleep a night and maybe 4 cups of coffee throughout the day. Now, I am in the 15+ zone and I need about 10 hours and a 20-30min nap each day plus a good pot of coffee.

It is an ongoing joke around my office that once the sun goes down, I am starting to fade too.


A short nap goes a long way I find.

They did discuss the benefits of napping on the podcast not too long ago. And also as to the quality of any brief sleep/downtime obtained.


Both volume and/or intensity. Over December my volume increased 20% and my TSS increased 65%. The last 2 weeks of December I was taking daily naps, sometimes for up to 2 hours. :pensive: Well worth it!

Otherwise, no extra sleep required if volume stays fairly consistent.