Double syncing to Garmin Connect


I think I saw this posted on the Facebook group, but anyone else having rides syncing into connect (and then onto my fitness pal) twice? It’s happened the last two workouts.

I’m betting it’s connect not recognizing the trainer road and strava upload are the same ride?


Same here, only syncing with Garmin connect but getting double entry, even had a triple entry yesterday, went through and deleted some…


I posted this a few days ago:


I raised a ticket on it, they have have been able to replicate it and should have a fix soon. I guess in the meantime I’ll just delete one of the uploads on GC.


I had a workout sync 4 times to TP at the weekend. It was done via iPad and I thought it was me re-sync’ing it by accident when try to save some notes in the workout.


Just to say, the last day or two I’ve been having sync issues between Connect and MyFitnessPal, so I’m suspecting it’s the tech genius’ in Garmin. Again.

I tried disconnecting and reconnecting myfitnesspal and connect, and even that is falling over.