Duplicate workouts in Strava


When I ride using TrainerRoad I also have my Garmin running, this then uploads to Strava.
Yesterday TrainerRoad also uploaded my ride to Strava so now I have the same ride in twice. I want to let Strava and TrainerRoad communicate so that when I do a ride outside then they still sync. Any ideas on how to still let the 2 communicate but not have duplicate workouts?
I also have the same issue in my Garmin connect but I’d like to fix the Strava issue first :slight_smile:
Thanks in advance for any suggestions.


What are you using your Garmin for when you are using TrainerRoad? If you can do away with that running at the same time that would stop the Garmin sending a ride to strava? Or you could just discard the Garmin ride at the end of your TR workout?


I have the same issue, I run my Garmin so I can upload ride data to Golden Cheetah. Just save and upload Garmin ride to Strava then immediately go in and delete. Not perfect but it gets rid of the second ride.


Same here. Just delete the garmin ride in Strava each time. I wish I didn’t have to though. If there’s a better fix I’d love to hear it.


I have the same. I run my Garmin as I have vector pedals and want the cycling dynamics recorded. At the moment I’m just having to manually delete the Garmin ride from Strava (as the TR file includes the intervals etc). It’s a pain but manageable, but would love a better solution


Same as others. I delete the Garmin file right away. Once I get use to the TR calendar I might just stop saving the Garmin file while indoors but I still write important info down in a journal using Garmin data for now.


I just reread this and noticed you have duplicates in Garmin too. No need to sync Garmin with TR because if you ride outside Garmin will upload to Strava and TR will pull that ride from Strava. So you should only have duplicates when riding indoors and in that case delete one of the duplicates right after it uploads.


Thanks for all the responses. Yeah I’ve been playing around the last few months with what to sync and what not to sync. I may revert back to unlinking TR and GC like I had it for years fixing the GC issues. I still don’t want TR to upload the same workout to Strava when I already have it there from my Garmin (I use other data points when riding and afterwards), to be fair, Strava should have an option for us to match workouts…