Early Morning Workouts

Its more the making water hot thats the issue. Kitchen is very close to their bedroom

Yes I do, I work from home though which makes a difference, also a desk job, so physically quite restful, can be stressful though, as can any job

I am usually in bed around 9:00-9:30, fall asleep straight away and sleep like a log :laughing:

I tried fitting in more volume by getting up earlier, but that burnt me out. I also make sure every 4 weeks or so I have an easy week where I keep the intensity down as much as possible in a group ride situation (or I avoid the group for a few rides)

Drop the energy drink bro, full of chemicals, just stick to a coffee shot only. My sister in law manages reps for a well known energy drink company, and even she said don’t drink it. Save yourself a heart attack. Your HR will be less in the morning.


Realized that sounds like a bit of a conflicting statement to eat enough to fuel your rides so you don’t need gels, while also trimming calories from your day. But you can definitely get by feeling a little hungry during parts of the day while making sure to eat sufficiently to fuel and recover from workouts. Early morning can be tricky since there’s not much time to fuel up upon waking, but a good dinner the night before and a small light snack before hopping on the bike will usually do the trick for a ride less than 90 minutes.

Often it’s a rush to work after training, but the comment above about preparing breakfast in advance is a good one to make sure you’re replenishing after the workout. I like mixing up some oatmeal and easy toppings and starting it in the microwave while I shower, that way it will be cool enough that get it down quickly before dashing out the door.

Another thing that can help is looking in advance at the expected calorie burn for a TR workout. That will give you an idea how much you’re going to need to take on before and after.

Over night oats with coffee?

Sorry for the basic question but if this liertally make coffee in the evening and chuck oats in, eat in the morning?

Not Fuelling workouts is definitely an issue I had when I was losing weight. Actually, still making that mistake by skipping the gel on waking if I’m going straight out to the turbo (should’ve done that this morning for sure!).

For rushing out the door, I’ve been making a smoothie the night before. Milk, Whey, Frozen Fruit, Banana and Oats. I blitz it up, into a shaker bottle, and into the fridge. Still a bit of work in progress, but definitely does keep me full, and I have it about 3:1 ratio (going to try to get the 4:1 ratio).

yep pretty much

a short black coffee, milk, oats and some other bits and pieces (honey, chia seeds) into the fridge in the evening, and eat it in the morning :slight_smile:

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One thing I’ve found to help is to reat the workout as if you were physically going to the gym, rather than just a room in the house or garage.

My trainer is set up in a garage but I keep all my kit indoors and the night before I pack a gym bag with everything needed for the workout. I get up, coffee, slice of toast or some bannana bread, glass of water and then normally on the trainer for 6am. They game changer for me was picking my bag up and walking to “The Gym”. It meant to last minute fuss or excuses. If I was going to a spin class, I would never have any issues because by being late or not turning up, I felt like I’d let someone down. Making my home training routine the same has helped with getting my backside on to the bike.



If one were to eat an entire box of Girl Scout cookies before bed, one would be sufficiently fueled to crush a 6:00am workout the next morning.


I’m a morning person but due to my son getting up at 5am I have been doing my intervals for the last 3 years in the evening. I’ve finally got him sleeping until 6.30am which means I’ve just switched back to morning workouts. I train so much better in the morning and I no longer have the problem of getting to sleep after my evening intervals. It also allows me to have an espresso before the workouts. Life is good again!!!


Pretty much the same as most people here.
Prepare the kit the night before.
Have the italian cafetiere ready to fire up on the stove.
Alarm at 5:45, in aother room, I have to jump out of bed to not wake the whole family up.
Pick up my kit, go downstairs, fire up the coffee while I get changed and boot up the computer.
Drink my coffee while everything loads up, by 6 i’m on the bike, and going!

As a triathlete, I’ve moved all of my TR sessions to the morning and have found that a 5:45 wake up, coffee and oatmeal on the couch, on the bike at 6:15 works best for me. However, I really struggle to get outside for my runs when the weather isn’t perfect. Anyone else struggle with this and have advice?

@Quadzilla_Jr, I hope you have actually done that. If not I’m happy to try. In the aid of science of course! :wink:


Jelly beans work well too.


After a long endurance plus tempo ride a few weekends ago, I ordered donut delivery online and then ate four of them, in the bath tub

i do not regret it in the least

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to add onto this, I:

  1. set up the coffee maker to brew starting at a certain time the night before
  2. pound a glass of water upon first waking (first step)
  3. If it’s going to be a hard day I EITHER get up early enough to eat a big meal a few hours before, OR eat a gel or equivalent (e.g. jellybeans) as i’m warming up on the bike (usually the latter if it’s a pre-work workout on the trainer). I find that splitting the difference (e.g., eating something 45 minutes before) actually is worse than eating once I start riding. Not sure why.

For runs when the weather isn’t perfect, one piece of advice is to make sure you have appropriate clothing / layers in your quiver. There’s such thing bad weather (barring a hurricane or tornado), just inappropriate clothing :slight_smile:

Well, you can put a dread … er, treadmill in your paincave. Though somehow, the mill is even worse in the am. No idea why. It just is.