Edge 520 vs Elemnt Bolt


it does not pick up other riders. In the middle of a paceline, riders behind me can reduce the distance before it detects cars/trucks. Not a problem in the echelon formation we normally ride on the windy Wed night rides.

In a longer paceline (weekend group ride), when I’m not in the back and detection distance is reduced then 95% of the time someone behind me is shouting “car back.”

Majority of my outside riding is solo - I train by myself using TR plan. At best I average one group ride a week. Looking at my calendar for short power build, I want to do the two technical vo2max intervals on the trainer, a couple outdoor solo rides, and my other hard ride is the race simulation workout (Sat ride on TR plan) which is the Wed ride / C race.

On the 120 min Wed ride, I’m solo for ~80 mins of the 120 min (at current fitness) due to 40 min ride to the start and return home, plus getting dropped because I ride with much stronger riders.

So the radar works really well in nearly all of my outside riding.


In the group rides that I have been in the radar still picks up the cars and motorcycles even when I am in the group. The other riders only very rarely create an alarm.


Never had that happen. The only false positive is a house at the edge of the city limits, I’m guessing they have some special radio gear or something that is triggering a false positive every single time that I ride past that house.


I believe it uses a 6mph speed differential to display a warning of an approaching vehicle. Thus if a rider approaches from behind riding 6 or more mph than you, you get a warning. So it also works as a tail gunner attack detector.


I’m really looking forward to the release of the stages units.

I’ve asked the following questions on DCR’s site in the comments - still waiting to hear back from Stages:

  1. Will these units show traditional TSS, NP and IF after a given ride (and during that ride, as they refresh/update?)
  2. Will these units show CTL/ATL and TSB (and will this be on the unit itself, via Link, or both?)
  3. Will these units show an estimated FTP based on accumulated ride data (and will this be on the unit itself, via Link, or both?)
  4. Will the workout functionality be as usable on the black and white version as on the colour version (in other words, does the interface rely on colours, or will the actual data fields and widget layout stand on their own?)


+1 for Bolt


When your riding for 10 or 11 hours on a hwy shoulder checking really does not work does it? I mean I’d almost have to ride the whole way looking backwards lol.

The radar is a safety item that gets your attention and gives you a lot of time to take action and prepare yourself. When it goes off I can then shoulder check or use a mirror.


I have had both. I liked setting up the bolt and changing data fields via the phone. But, you can’t program workouts on the bolt unless you subscribe to TP or other apps.
So, kept the 520 and sold the Bolt.
I have had zero battery issues on 6 hour days. My vision is not the best, but I don’t have any issues seeing the computer.


I had a Bolt but got a 520 in order to use the Varia radar. The Bolt is much easier to use and it never has any issues with sync. That said, I use the Garmin on my road bike b/c the radar is so helpful - I have yet to be surprised by a car while using the radar. Personally, I think the radar is indispensable.


I’ve been waiting for these to be released to see some full reviews as well. They look like they could be a great option.


I went with a 520 Plus for better navigation outside of cell range. The Edge Explorer is a better screened and less expensive option for navigation but that comes with lower battery life.


I throw out the Pioneer CA600 as well (as the 1 other person) if someone is already running the CA500 is assumed you have pioneer power meters. I had the 820 before and also the CA500 but ended up just using the 500 because of the cycling dynamics.
The new CA600 is full unit now and works well, I’ave had for about 2 months now. Navigation has been good, screen customizable from phone or unit itself. has all the dynamics stuff and records it all. If you have a pioneer dual system the CA is something to really look at. I have been happy with mine thus far.