Edit my plan - crowd sourcing



Looking for some crowd sourced opinions - I am primarily a track rider, but will likely do a lot of crits as well in 2019. No major race so I’m planning a vague peak in July-ish. I’ll find something to make the peak worth-while. Riding/Racing for I think 8 years now, normally 8+ hours a week

Here is my plan:

  1. SSB-Mid Vol - I
  2. Short Power Build - Mid Vol
  3. Crit Specialization - Mid Vol
  4. Here my racing will begin typically 1 a week. First one will be gravel - then spring crits, track, and whatever else shows up
  5. Short Power Build - Mid Vol
  6. Crit Specialization - Mid Vol

Here are the things I’ve been debating:

  • Should I go base, build, spec - or base, build, build - or base, build, base for 1-3? That first gravel race is important but not that important.
  • When I get to step 5, should I add vol or something to get more adaptation? I’m thinking higher FTP would drive harder workouts and i’d still build
  • Again at step 5, should I just stick to specialization and ride it out? I’ll be racing a lot so I fear build like workouts won’t jive well with races on the weekend


If you want to peak later in the season you could consider Base, Build, Base, Build, Specialty.


Thanks…that was my first plan and I’ve deleted about 48 times before writing this post.

Would you stick to the same plans or go with a different vol or plan when you get to the second instance of base/build?


I’ve seen it discussed that the first base could be traditional if you have the time.

I believe @Nate mentioned cycling the same base/build multiple times.