Endurance ride nutrition

Can you eat during the standerd endurance ride for fat adaptation?
Over the past year I have done a 4-7 hour zone 2 ride every wekend to build muscle endurance.
But I have always put in a large amount of carbs during these rides and had a break every 1.5 hours.
Last week I started thinking about it and thought that maybe not eating or eating fatty protein rich food be better for the desired training effect.

What is the best nutrition plan for these rides when it comes to the type of adaptations?

I wonder this also. If I’m fatigued I’ll eat before and during. If I feel fresh i will head out without food before and minimal during.

If you don’t eat on a 4 hour ride you won’t do a 4 hour ride :slight_smile:


There are many articles referencing training for endurance in a glycogen depleted state will increase Mitochondria adaptation 2-3X faster, google that lots of good info.

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That seems fair :joy:

Could you maybe link one?
I can’t seem to find one that explains it in full.

I eat burritos.

If you aren’t fat adapted and you would like to condition yourself to burn more fat I would not advise a 4+ hour endurance ride without any nutrition to ‘break the ice’. Especially if you typically follow a carb-rich nutrition plan on such rides. No es bueno. You can do it for sure but probably not a great idea as a first step.

Consider this instead: for the last 90 to 120 minutes of your endurance ride, stop eating. No hydration mix. No gels. Hold Z2 but don’t do anything intense.

After the ride either don’t eat anything or have a fat rich meal with some protein. For instance, I might take down a tablespoon of coconut oil & then mix a half serving of protein powder with heavy whipping cream (just add the cream a little at a time until the whole mix has a pudding like consistency) & eat that.

Now your depleted from the ride & your body is working on some fatty nutrition. Get the bod used to utilizing those fat calories.

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