Episode 200 ideas


It was mentioned on the latest podcast that we are fast approaching Episode 200 and they ought to do something special?

Well, my idea for this would be to look back at all of their podcasts and select their favourite bits, or the 3 most important things that they’ve learned (and obviously ask all of their previous guests to contribute, but also ask their staff and people behind the scenes).

I have enjoyed all their episodes, but my favourite was when they answered my question (just declaring my bias) about the most important stretch to do. It was episode in the late 30s or early 40s I think. And I’ve made a good recovery since that accident, and that is due to the excellent advice and of course, the excellent TrainerRoad program. Thanks!

Maybe there could be a TrainerRoad Tshirt release for this? There needs to be a big TrainerRoad logo but alsoI think the double zero of 200 would fit with a bike design as well…


200 quick fire questions for the 200th show.


I find them all interesting. I save them up for my Saturday rides. Just listening to @Nate @Jonathan and @chad with their enthusiasm and knowledge makes the ride much more interesting and fun.

I travel quite a lot so my favourite episodes are the ones that cover, what if. What if, I miss a week, should I repeat a training plan etc. It is all those little things I like the answers to. I will never be buying the tyres, new frame and those small little things to make me faster. It is about being out on the bike and getting to the end of those sportives.

I would purchase a t-shirt. Well worth it.


Do what everyone does. Clip show and take a vacay


Maybe we could coordinate a 200 minute (or 200 TSS) workout to do while live streaming the show


Dude…the show’s only 120 minutes!!

Pretty sure no one would be listening…could be listening whilst doing 2 hours @100% FTP!

Then again, some weirdos on here did that Disaster Day thing a while back… :laughing:


Like that time @Nate said he handed out cocaine and adderall to his employees :rofl::rofl:


I emailed him my resume even before the show had finished. :crossed_fingers:


We should send them a cake. Or maybe just some roasted sweet potatoes.


I feel like I ought to create a 200th podcast TR for anyone who is interested. Maybe just 200 seconds. Or 20 x 10 second intervals of some kind? Not used the workout creator before, I should try it out!


How about give them the week off and have a “guest only” podcast.

@ambermalika, Pete Morris. Geoff Kabush, etc…


I like the idea of a “guest cast”, but a milestone like this deserves to have the very people who built it into what it is… meaning the regulars should be there all the way.


I think they should all do the podcast while on a trainer doing an over-under workout.


Have @Nate recount every highlight of each one of his 200 (or so…) “Baxter” workouts…


Do it live.


I vote Mary Austin proper!




perhaps not mention snowflakes…:wink:


Nate has to eat 200g of carbs in an hour.


Is that even a challenge, tho?