Erg Mode workout Plan


I don’t really care for ERG Mode. I’ve tried and just don’t really like it. Can I still do my training program in normal non ERG Mode & No Resistance. Just adjust my cadence and gear for my plan ( ramp test, sweet spot, Sustained Power, Climbing Phase )?


Yes, simply switch to Resistance mode. This is listed in % of your trainers resistance. Often, something like 20-40% is good. Then you simply shift as you would on a standard trainer to hit different power levels.

On PC and Mac, there is a switch right on the lower part of the workout screen. On mobile, you need to go into the trainer in Devices to make the change.


Thanks a bunch


Curious to hear you experience with standard vs resistance. I am currently using ERG for all of my base work but I have read this isn’t the best when intervals approach 30sec or less.


I don’t like how it changes on it’s on. When I’m in a rhythm and maybe look down and my cadence may change in erg mode it starts adjusting and this throws me off. I would rather make all changes myself just like if I was out in the road.
It a lot more natural feel. Mentally it’s better for me.


I have good luck using ERG, even in some of the shorter intervals. There’s a few tricks that can help.

Sometimes I slow my cadence about 5-15 rpm prior to the interval. It allows for more initial resistance and ramps up quicker.

Another trick is to use the small ring in normal power, and then shift to the big ring when you are at the jumps.

And finally, I sometimes swap to Resistance mode when I really want to. The beauty of the smart trainer is the ability to choose as needed for best results.


I was really frustrated with Erg mode for a while and I found that it was directly related to looking at the fluctuations of the watts. I would see the watts dip, increase my effort/cadence, then be over target, then the trainer would get easier, I’d fall under target, increase my cadence again…round and round. I basically try to ignore the watts completely and focus on my effort and cadence. This has helped a lot and feels more natural. For shorter intervals, I do two quick shifts to build up initial resistance.

Has anyone played with the smoothing durations? I’m still running default but now that I am on a base plan, I’m thinking about going to 7-seconds.


For sure, DO NOT CHASE WATTS when you are riding in ERG.

Let the trainer and TR do the work. Attempting to increase or decrease power via cadence in an effort to match target watts will only cause problems.

As to smoothing, yes. I run 3-5 seconds on all my devices, even my trainer. Choose a setting (up to 10 seconds) that allows you to feel “OK” with just pedaling at your preferred cadence and let the whole system do the other work. Be as steady as you can with cadence and that will make it work the best possible.


Are you adjusting the smoothing in your trainer or with trainer roads I have a Wahoo KICKR Snap


As I understand it, smoothing is an adjustment to the watts displayed. ie: 3-second smoothing is simply the trailing 3-second average. It is done within TR but doesn’t actually change anything other than the number you see on the screen. I’m not 100% on this but I’m sure Chad can confirm.


Cool thanks. I’ll look into it.


Correct. The smoothing is for the on-screen power info. The core data, stored in the workout file, is still at the 1 reading per second IIRC.

So, the idea is to calm that neurotic devil in our head that wants to hit the numbers perfectly. The smoothing makes it look nicer and way less jumpy. I definitely like using it in all but specific cases when I am testing between various power sources.