Ero Sports Velodrome Aero Testing Results



Jonathan, Chad and I flew down to LA earlier this year and visited Ero Sports for aero testing. We were trying to improve our aerodynamics for our TT that I failed miserably at :smile:.

As a rule of thumb, every .001 is a watt, so if you go from .241 to .240 you saved a watt.

As a point of reference world-class tour level TTers are around .200 - .220. Some very small people or people who adopt illegal UCI positions can get in the .18X area or even lower.

Note: Jonathan has a world-class CdA :wink:.

If you have any questions let us know!

Jonathan Lee’s Results

Chad Timmerman’s Results

Nate Pearson’s Results

Jonathan’s Position

Chad’s Position

Nate’s Position

Jonathan’s Bike

Chad’s Bike

Nate’s Bike


The more I look at this sort of thing, the more it becomes clearer how veteran TT’ers can just look at a position and know if it’s fast or not. Without even knowing your CdA and just having the pictures I think I could pick who was the most slippery.