Espresso DOES make you faster


I am currently enjoying these single origin beans from Guji, Ethiopia.
I use a La Pavoni to make my espresso each morning. For me its as much the process as it is enjoying the beverage. The La Pavoni produces some amazing espresso once you have dialled in the process.


My choice this morning was double-hit of Counter Culture “Hologram” before a somewhat miserable Haeckel workout. At least I was able to watch the new AACC podcast from the win-tunnel.

I didn’t take pictures of my espresso. At 0400, that’s just not something I’m able to perform.



I’m lucky enough to have an awesome espresso machine at work. Last week I was asked to make a coworker a “Unicorn Latte” and came up with this :slight_smile:

At home I use a Breville which makes pretty good espresso if I use good beans.


They also have reusable pods but you have to load your owns grounds and clean up after each cup. It works, I just prefer my Chemex.


That latte art is impressive!

Usually, I’m too impatient for that kind of work. I basically tilt my head under the portfilter once the brewing starts. It saves some washing up of the cups, and just gets the caffeine hit a little faster. :coffee::coffee::coffee:



Mmmm coffee


Airscape storage containers!. That’s how I roll as well. They are awesome for keeping beans fresh.


You bet! I think they’re great.