Estimated VO2 Max

My calculated results were pretty much bang on. A 2000m race for me was 6:33 at my best with body weight of 80 kg. Try entering your 6:30 or 7:00 mm:ss max cycling power in the calculator and check it again. The world record for the 2000m indoors is 5:35 and a good time is under 7:00.

That put me just over 56.

So now I have another number. :joy: More of a curiosity for me anyway.

According to my recent test, that calculation was +/- 1 from the lab.


Stay the hell away from it




My Garmin gives me a number of 73-74 VO2max, and I’m just average. I guess the real one could be around 50-60, my sister’s lab vo2max is 50 at 3.4w/kg.

This number would be interesting to know the percentage of vo2max usage at treshold, My sister’s percentage it’s 87% which is cool (trained) but has little or no margin to increse ftp with that vo2max.

I suppose at high percentages (near 90% and plateau), the way to be able to improve ftp is doing vo2max intervals so you have a little more margin to grow. Someone corrects me.