Excuses -- Let's hear 'em!


I didn’t eat/sleep/stretch enough.

My shoes were too tight.

My good bibs were in the wash.

They canceled Daredevil.

I suck at ABC/XYZ/Mary Austin.

Any more? :wink:

What workout did you do today?

I donated bood :rofl:
I live in England and have a cold for 4 months of the year.


I crashed off my rollers. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Kids ! Kids are the ultimate excuse :smiley:

Unless you want to give them an example to follow. Then, they became the ultimate motivator !


I dropped a chain. :frowning:


I’m clean.


My kids hate sleep!


Still using that line, huh, Landis? :laughing:


Ha! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

My brakes were rubbing.

I drank a lot of wine last night.

My seat slipped.

I was blocked in.

If I had some team mates.


I’m old and fat. My son tells me it’s no excuse.


I got an email from a student asking for some help on an essay


My wife got Horny…


I woke up tired


No excuse! That’s like saying a unicorn ran out in front of you.


I hurt my back putting up the Christmas lights.

(This happened today, and I’m annoyed. I haven’t used it as an excuse yet, but I have it in the queue…)

Also, my wife is horny as well :wink:


Flat tire … on the trainer. Wish it wasn’t true, but, alas, it is. :clown_face:


I once got dropped in a race because I was thinking about my cat


But that will only hold you back for a couple of minutes?


2 whole minutes actually. This is my theme song from Flight of the Conchords… You have to watch the whole video, this is how we make love in New Zealand…:joy:

Aero Podcast with Specialized – What do you want to ask them?

Love the Conchords, and that song!