Experiment Fasted Training

Sick with the flu.

Just listening to recent Podcast and it seemed to simply label IF as calorie restriction in another form. Ultimately I guess it is - but more N=1 feedback. Tried constant calorie restriction and couldn’t complete a lot of the high stress workouts.

Using IF. Down another 1.5 lbs over the last two weeks - haven’t missed a workout yet in SSBMV2 (FTP went up from SSB1 ).

Non fast days Tue, Th, Sat, Sun matching high stress workouts seems to be working.
I am waiting for something to break or mess up - but so far really pleased with the way its going.

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Keep up the work!! Good job.

I’m still sick as a dog. Have not been on the bike in a week. This is my longest break in over a year.

Take it gentle, get the nutrients you need to recover, keep on track and get well soon bud!

Jan 24
Scale Dead Will replace batteries later today.
Monitor +1. 1 hour burned 820 calories
Calories today. A lot!
Fatigue 25.3.
Ketonix meter. Not in Ketosis at all.
1st day riding in a week. Still far from 100% but feels good to be able to ride. Had an Ice bath today. Lungs still trying to be cleared out.

No Idea when the Roubaix comes off the wall!

Under a month til I turn 50. Really need to get feeling better and get some miles done. Im not going to make my goal by my birthday. That’s ok. A few steps back, but Ill consider today a step forward.

I have not been paying attention to the mental side of fasting and while I’ve been sick the last week Ive done some work with that. All the best!!!

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Started again doing Intermittent fasting. One meal a day for dinner. Fasting from about 8PM until 6PM the next day.

Taking it a little slower this time. Will ease into it over the next few days. Lungs have almost recovered from flue but am back on the training program.


Well Ive been going good for about 4 days now. The big problem is that I am freezing cold. I cannot stay warm. Even using ice baths that should force my body to kick up the temp does for about 5-6 hours but then im close to the point of constant shivering. It does not help that this is the great white North Where it has been -40C or -40F. It also does not help that my wife is hot all the time so we keep our house at 17C or 62.6 F so she does not sweat all the time. Ive come to the conclusion that I cannot straight fast while its cold. I just cant stay warm. So Im switching back to intermittent fasting having 1 or 2 meals one day and 1 the next. Seems with that I can stay warm and I still do the ice baths for various reasons. When it gets warm I will do some straight fasting again when I know I can handle it. It worked great in the summer when I did a number of days of 9 plus hour rides in a fasted state.

Come on Summer.

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IF pretty much dismissed in podcast 194. Agree with some of it - you can’t diet on a bike. That said you can fit IF into training on TR if you eat appropriately on the higher intensity days. Not sure if there’s much point in posting further n=1 feedback the subject - I get the feeling its pretty much frowned upon/laughed at.

I find it hard to take a few people seriously that have been fit their whole lives and have never had to deal with obesity. I would think that I’ve done more research on the subject over the years than the people on the podcast because of their experiences because it is a problem and a focus for me.

That is not to diminish their knowledge or experience at all!!! As they said many times in that podcast that fasting hurts performance and goes against their mission of making people faster.

Well here’s the thing, since I stopped playing top level hockey, I’ve been an obese fat bastard. Going faster is much less of a priority than getting healthy. Ive used IF to go from 265 to sub 200 lbs.

It’s also hard to listen to people discuss the subject when they are constantly talking about how many carbs they can stick into their bodies in an hour. I mean when Nate is discussing how he’s trying to figure out how many 100 grams of carbs he can stuff down his throat in an hour and then ten minutes later discusses how bad he feels if he skips one of his three bowls of sugary cereal in the morning how can I possibly take it seriously? Nate misses a meal and he is a mess. Don’t get me wrong. Nate is an expert on NATE! Nate knows what works for him. He cant miss a meal because hes programed his body that way. They are coming from a completely different place than I am. They are incredible at what they do! But there is a reason there is no “fat bastard to skinny cyclist” training block in TR, it’s not part of their mission. There is absolutely no comparison at all.

I rode 1600 Km in a week this past summer. Some days I burnt over 10000 calories. Only one day did I take in over 200 calories . I usually averaged close to 30 km an hour. I was fat adapted. I felt great. It worked.

You can’t diet on a bike??? You can’t diet in a car, in a plane on a train? In the bathtub, getting a back rub? You Cant DIET anywhere!!!

SO then how the **** do I lose the weight? I get it. Quit riding and then when I get to my weight then I can ride my bike again! GOOD PLAN!

Or maybe is it that I can not use Trainer Road while I diet on the bike as it is incompatible. Maybe I should be using ZWIFT to lose the weight and then come back to TR once I’ve lost the weight.

Like Chad says. Skinny healthy cyclists are the norm here.

A Dexa of 29 Like I had 5 months ago would be classed as an outlier here! Maybe the coach’s could address the fact that some people who do not fit into THEIR perfect mode might have to diet on the bike!


I myself consider I did my dieting on the bike, since starting on the trainer in March I’ve gone from 242lb to 200lb (19kilos lost). The biking made the calories in less than the calories out.

Good luck with your journey and hope the Roubaix comes off the wall soon… hope you do post in the future, getting different perspectives from others on their own personal journeys makes the collective far more knowledgeable. The account of your journey to me has been educational and would like to thank you for creating the thread and all your contributions to it.

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One thing is certain. There is a huge difference between people who have been fit all their lives or close to fit, like within 10 to 20 lbs of the ideal weight and those of us to have been 50 to 100lbs or more over weight. I just went to get a dexa and RMR today. RMR was lower than expected, 1625kcal. That came up on their chart as 11% below “normal”. I will have to retest that again in a couple months. Dexa was 26.3. It was my first one. My Withings scale is all over the place, but today it was 27.7 so only 1.4% higher.

Anyway FatBoySlim, do what you gotta do.

…for any length of time…and cycle hard…and long…and win races…or hit the very top end of the hardest TR workouts.

But…there is nothing saying you can’t find your best route to fitness that combines your favoured approach to weight loss (diet), cycling and those workouts. In that respect the notion you can’t diet on a bike is absolutely wrong.

Very true

You’ve found something that works for you and is life changing in a positive way - that should be supported.

If there was ever a time that TR looked like becoming that elitist I would leave.

I said no for n=1 on IF. But it looks like you need a bit of support here.

Almost completed SSB2 Mid Vol2 (on recovery week), all on 2 to 3, 36 hrs fasts per week - still dropping the weight gradually. Did every workout, bumped the TSS with a couple of extra workouts, increased the intensity on the mid VO2 max rides - one bail out Leconte (appetite low - paid the price, but did that the following day). 5 or 6 backpedals over the whole of SSB2, one swap out for a Sunday ride in the winter sun (and actually did a VO2 Max workout at the end of that day to make up TSS). Looking forward to the Start of the new Build and Ramp test.

If my W/KG drops then I will re evaluate - but until then I’m sticking with it.


Have you tried the traditional base plans?

If you want to lose weight and ride your bike, stick to Z2 (even low Z3) and you should be good to go. 18km/hr rides outside should very nearly equate to Z2 indoors.

It’s very common even for pros to ride fasted, or low as it’s often referred to, during base phase (traditional, not sweet spot, so nearly all Z2).

SS and high intensity intervals are TR’s bread and butter, but they’re not the only option, and certainly not a good option if you’re fasting. That’s why they created the trad base plans.

Last update on IF / Intermittent Eating
Another Ramp test to start General Build
FTP up from 253 to 257 - just under 3 w/kg target (yeh - I know its modest - but its my mountain :wink:
Weight down to just over 189lbs target (haven’t been this light since my Teens/Early20’s)


Way to go. Your rocking it.

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Still on 2 or 3 whole day (36 hr) per week water / black coffee fast

188lbs target reached and maintained (27lbs down from last Aug)
Ramp test mid build FTP 264 (started at 242)

Vo2 max workouts are OK if the carb content for the day is high enough and workouts done later in the day for the fuel tank to fill up

Have done most easy days fasted and a few Sweetspot workouts fasted.

A little concerned about having a non food day following a tough workout day - but as the FTP is still climbing I can only assume the body makes use off the extra protein before bed on the food day.

Tried a couple of higher intensity workouts Threshold and VO2 early on food days following fasted days and confirmed every time that these are just not possible or are unnecessarily difficult to do without the carbs to burn. The legs give out before the lungs and the HR just doesn’t get up where it should be. Bailed on three of these. Did workout the following day after topping up the reserves and in one case did double day workout.

IF can be done with TR…so far…

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I’m glad to see that there’s a topic on fasting in here. I’ve been fasting for about 3 years now and have seen excellent results with my fitness and general health. My weight has gone from 225lbs to about 190lbs over the course of a few years (I also gave up alcohol in December 2016). I’m 6’4" for reference.

My last meal is usually around 1800 hours and then I’ll eat after my workout in the afternoon of the following day at around 1400 hours, so I fast on average 20 hours every day. I would say that 95% of my workouts are fasted (between 16-20 hours). I sleep way more, feel healthier and my FTP has increased every year so far.

I highly recommend giving it try if you haven’t already, and to read some of Dr. Jason Fung’s books on the subject.


I’ll second the Ultima electrolytes.

April 1st post.
Well time to get back on the horse. My hernia surgery was 10 days ago. I went the old method where it is muscle layered over muscle over muscle and then sewed together. There was no way I was getting that mesh inserted in my body.

11 days ago I did a ftp test of 273.

I did a 3 mile walk on Thursday and a 10 mile walk on Friday. Saturday I did absolutely nothing and today I rode recess for 32 minutes. I started the workout at 20% under and ended at 20% over. I have to ride upright with no hands on the bars as bending over hurts quite a bit but at least this way I can ride mostly pain free. It could take another week or 2 for the massive amount of swelling to go down but things are much better as it hurts much less when I sneeze or cough.

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Back on the horse. It took a while to feel better. Check up on the 24th and everything is healing well. Every once in a while it feels like the incision point is separating. But that’s just ghost sensations from the nerves. I’m riding again. Up to 3 hour rides outside and just doing easy rides on the trainer like petit +1. I’m taking it easy easier and less regimented on the fasting side. Im taking all of my vitamins every day and usually have about 3 ounces of cream in my tea and maybe a little cheese or meat on some days. I’m fasting about 20 hours a day and taking in under 400 calories a day. I’m trying to get 2 rest days a week but as my intensity has dropped for now they seem to not be needed as much and I get bored. I’m thinking of starting a build plan on Tuesday but will probably skip the ftp test as im not sure my body is ready for it. Enjoying this round much more as I’m not beating myself up at all if I have a bite of something when I’m making a meal for the kids or something like that. Bought some frozen organic cherries for my son last night. I had 1.5 of them. Omg so good. I didnt feel bad at all. I’ve cancelled my outdoor rides for the weekend as we’re getting 5-15 inches of snow. Going to do a lot of foam rolling and get on the trainer. I’ll post some numbers in a bit.