Export workout to Garmin Edge unit




It would be great if it was posible to export a workout to garmin Edge and then have the option to do the workout outside. I know the correct route/road outside is nessesarry but I have a long almost flat rute where it is posible to do a 1,5 hour workout.
Is this something that would be possible for you to make or even better is already an option i just havent seen in the trainerroad program :slight_smile:

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Yes I too would love to see this feature.

I will start my training plan in the next few weeks as the dark evenings are setting in, but generally I can still get outdoor rides in at the weekend and would love the option to export my planned workout to my head unit instead of having to create it manually


Option: Quadlock, smartphone & TrainerRoad app.


Yeah good thinking, guess that would work with the benefit of the visual display too


So just confirming here gang. No way to export a TR workout to any platform such as Garmin Edge, Wahoo Elemnt, etc.?

I’m assuming this may come down the road but TR has to be careful related to becoming a competitor of Training Peaks and losing the licensing of TSS, CTL, ATL, etc.

I utilize TP and create my workouts in there which auto sync to my Bolt and then control my kickr BUT also control my laps, targets, etc. on outside rides too. There is no reason for me to use my phone and TR to follow a training plan and/or workouts on my inside rides as my Bolt does it which is also what I use on outside rides. There is no way in hell I’m riding around with my phone attached to my handle bars.

Anyway, export and auto sync for workouts to Bolt, Garmin would make a huge difference. Most likely I’ll just stick with TP but TR is getting closer with some of these other functions.


I’ve taken several TR workouts and created in Garmin’s workout tool, and used on the road. Personally I’d love the option of either:

  • having a TR app running on Garmin Edge units to do workouts on the road
  • export as workout and import into Edge via app or otherwise


I too would like this feature. I live in the UK and I am lucky enough to be able to ride outside most weekends.