Export workout to Garmin Edge unit

I would also like to see this feature. Even if it’s nothing fancy, a simple workout export file would save a lot of time recreating those workouts when we want to get in some quality training outside. It seems this feature would encourage users to stick to the weekly TR schedule and improve the quality of outdoor training rides as the weather gets nicer!


I’ve just done this today, and plan to ride a TR workout outside. Really appreciate the info that it’s possible! I had never used the garmin workout creator before.

Now, we’ll see about those pesky stop signs and traffic during my VO2 intervals :sweat_smile:

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Hi Harrissilver,

How do you get them both to work same time? Zwift on PC screen and TR on phone/ipad? If so, then how do yo upair to both at the same time?.. and what do you do at end of workout so as not to have two workouts logged… can you merge them or do you delete one of them?

Hi HoverP… what’s Garmin PVI?



In my case I run TR on my phone through bluetooth and Zwift on my macbook with ant+ with my trainer unpaired as the power control so its only picking up the wattage from TR. It does give me two separate workouts on Strava so I delete one.


Here is the definitive guide on the various ways to use both apps together.

Depending on how you have them synced to outside apps, you may have to delete an “extra/double” workout entry.

I run a dumb trainer with power meter on the bike. In my case I run TR on my laptop using ANT+ and Zwift on AppleTV using Bluetooth connection. ANT+ devices can connect to multiple ‘readers’, e.g. laptop, Wahoo/Garmin head unit, while BTLE devices can only connect to a single reader.

At the end of the workout, you can either delete duplicates, or you can configure the platforms to only upload to certain locations. E.g., workout on Zwift only goes to Zwift, whereas TR goes to TR, TrainingPeaks, Strava, etc

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Sorry, from my abbreviations of my career. PVI-Pilot Vehicle Interface.
It’s how the machine is setup for use by the pilot, how it helps you do your job better with less attention on the wrong things- For Garmin- the ergonomics, menu rotary and displays.

To me Garmin menus never made it intuitive to follow .