Extended cool down


If I’m using the PC app, what’s an easy way to add another few minutes at the end of a workout?Thanks-Jim

Extending a workout - how to do it mid workout

PC and Mac app does not have that functionality yet (mobile does). So, the easiest way is to start another workout, Freeride or Recess are good ones for this.


Perfect; thanks, -Jim


Prior to the extend option becoming available on the app, I used to just pause the ride (continuing to pedal) when it was at the wattage I wanted.

In ERG this kept the KickR at X-watts, not sure about other trainers of if this will work on Mac/PC


same issue i’m on MAC … i created some custom workouts for longer warm ups and cool downs on the workout creator … v simple to use.

really hoping the release ‘extend’ features for MAC and PC apps soon … as all my days have about 3 rides in them atm…


This is what I do as well - - I have the basic free ride workouts and others in my Favourites tab so I can quickly select them when the ride ends since I just have a wireless mouse next to my bike and don’t want to get off and type their names in. Sometimes I just extend my cool down by a few minutes if the cool down really gets cut off as it does in some workouts, but I just keep the recording going on my Garmin rather than starting up a new TR workout. Interesting to hear some of that functionality is built into the mobile app though.


I’ve been tacking on an extra 10 minutes of cool down to most of my sessions and it seems to be making a huge difference in recovery. Much less soreness and much fresher feeling legs the next day. Extended cool down really seems to be a secret weapon.


Hi! Came across this thread today and wanted to follow up and let you all know we are actively working on this feature for our desktop apps. Will post another update when it’s available for all of you. Hang tight!