Ezekiel bread, what am I doing wrong?


I need Ezekiel -1 :smile:


Ezekiel bread has very little salt, and this is why it tastes bland. There is also a ‘low sodium’ version that actually has no salt at all! Salted butter definitely improves things, but I wish it was made with enough salt to begin with.


I also dont like the ezekial bread but found that the same company made sprouted grain english muffins which were pretty good. Now I eat theme every morning for breakfast toasted with peanut butter and strawberries, and some days honey. Just keep experimenting.


I just put some peanut butter and honey on my ezekiel bread, and I also cut off the crust lol


Although skeptical, I tried some Ezekiel bread. Tastes great to me. I really like it but YMMV. This Ezekiel guy must have been a sharp dude.


I mentioned this in another thread, but I’ve taken to pre morning ride snacks of one slice of Ezekiel raisin toast with honey for every 30 min of ride time for interval rides. I don’t do it prior to Carter, etc. Nate suggested this on the podcast, and I love it.


Which one did you try? The original is what I tried and I’ve seen a strong correlation between people liking it and people who tried the raisin variety.


I’ve been eating 2 slices of the cinnamon raisin for breakfast or before an afternoon workout with either honey or tart cherry spread…love it. My wife has even been eating it for breakfast too.