Favero Assioma power "freezing"



Give er a try. Are you using them on Bluetooth? And do you know if you’re running them through the unified left channel via the 3.0.0 firmware version? I’m curious if that has something to do with it.


Will do that.

BT and with the latest firmware which does the single channel. However, after the Firmware update I have another issue. The left pedal loses power much faster than the right. Completely drains in about 10 hours while the right remains almost fully in the green.

Not the only one. Found another guy on weightweenies with the same issue. Firmware reset worked for him. Just tried the same [Favero sent me the instructions] and am trying it out now.


I just noticed that last time I looked at the two pedals. Hmm. Hopefully they have a fix for that soon.


I have the same problem with power drain. Can you send here instruction from Favero?


Dear Deepak,

thank you for your kind request and for the useful information.

I have just started a new ticket in order to check the status of Assioma DUO remotely - when a new ticket is opened and the sensors are connected to the app Favero Assioma we are able to check some internal parameters of the sensors - and I confirm that the battery on the left sensor was more discharged than the battery on the right one in occasion of the last connection of the sensors to the app Favero Assioma.

Furthermore, I confirm that it is the first time I hear about a possible problem on the battery duration caused by the activation of the travel mode.

In this case, before to consider a possible check of the pedals in our labs, I suggest to complete the following simple check in order to see if the problem could be solved by remote.

- Restart of the internal firmware of Assioma DUO:

1 - Disconnect the magnetic connector from the USB cable
2 - Place and keep in that position the magnetic connector on the plastic case of the sensor, where it is reported the text “FAVERO Electronics”.
3 - Wait at least 15 seconds, always keeping the magnetic connector in that position (in the meanwhile you should see that the LEDs will switch on one by one and also all together)

  • Recharge both sensors overnight

  • Connect both sensors to the app Favero Assioma and verify the battery level

  • Convert the left sensor from Assioma DUO to Assioma UNO

  • Complete two or three short ride sessions and after the ride verify again the battery level of the left sensor on the app Favero Assioma

  • If the battery level will be correct, please convert again Assioma UNO to Assioma DUO and verify if the problem will be still present

Please let me know. I will wait your reply and I remain at your complete disposal for any further information request.

Best regards,

Marco Zordan


Via R.Lombardi 64 - 31030 Arcade TV - ITALY

Tel. +39 0422 874140 | www.favero.com

2018-10-25 6:55 GMT+02:00 <support@favero.com>:


Deepak, do you observe any results of reset?
BTW, Assiomas are very clever product :slight_smile:


Just done 2 rides. Need to see after 6-7 rides. Will report back.

What do you mean by ‘clever product’?


My pedal loses juice even if I was not ride. Left pedal emptied just in 4 days.


Did you try the reset?

I still think you should raise a complaint, so they get the feedback that it’s not an isolated issue.


I opened a support ticket with Favero as well. There are some similar complaints on the DC Rainmaker post about the firmware update too. I might jump in there to see if that gets their attention.


Hi guys,

Regarding the power freezing issue, Favero have confirmed it is a problem with both Suunto and Trainerroad:

“thank you for your kind reply and for the useful consideration.

Please excuse me for the late reply as first thing. In the past hours I contacted my colleagues of the R&D department in order to obtain more details.

In this particular case, unfortunately they confirm that on Suunto and also on TrainerRoad they detected at the moment the same behaviour reported during your previous ride sessions.

I confirm also that they are in contact with both Companies in order to manage the interoperability issue quickly, anyhow, in the meanwhile they confirm you could try another Bluetooth device/app.

If it is not possible to use Rouvy, I confirm that Cateye or Zwift should work correctly. We tried some weeks ago the app on an Android smartphone.

Furthermore, in order to speed up the solution of the issue, please contact directly TrainerRoad and Suunto explaining them the situation.

From my side, I will let you know promptly as soon as I will have more information.”


I too heard back from Favero today regarding both the freezing and the battery drain. They suggested the same sort of firmware reset on the pedals to see if that fixes the battery drain issue. I also switched to the separate L/R channels to see if that corrects the battery drain. It seemed to have no effect on the TrainerRoad freezing issue.


I’ve made support ticket for power drain issue. I’ve made reset and conversions Duo->Uno->Duo and for now it looks it works for my pedals. I’m with contact with Favero.


Just saw that my left pedal did not switch of even after half an hour. That must be the issue.


I too contacted Favero and tested other apps/devices.

I see the issue on (all Bluetooth):

  • Strava app (Android)
  • TrainerRoad App (Android)
  • RideWithGPS (Android)
  • Garmin Fenix 5 (Bluetooth)

No/smaller issue:

  • Cateye App (Android) - this one did go to zero, though it was more delayed than over ANT+ by maybe 5 seconds

The Favero support person did think a future firmware update would resolve the issue.


Done 15 hours after the fix, and pedals are draining evenly and correctly. Hope the issue is solved.


My Assiomam looks OK now. After several rides and few days of sleeping battery level is the same in both pedals.

Assioma duo and iOS

Not only that, I have tried testing it at least 20 times by switching them on, and seeing that BOTH switch off in 5 minutes. I think the problem was that one pedal would not switch off.


I had submitted a ticket to Favero about this and this morning I had an email that said they had released a 3.40 firmware for my pedals to try and address this issue (the power freezing). I’m not certain, but the impression I got is that the firmware was specific for me. Has anyone else received a similar message or firmware update? I have yet to try it.


I got the same one. I think they sent emails to anyone who had a tr-related issue instead of the whole duo user base.