Favero Assioma power "freezing"




I received the pedal axles with sensors to correct the problem that the cadence and power data were falling slowly. The replacement procedure is very simple and it seems that the problem has disappeared.

My advice, stay away from the travel mode, in my case, after activating it was what made my pedals behave strangely. Maybe the cause of the problem may be different for everyone but well, I think that documenting each case can help others.

I leave here the video tutorial of the sensors replacement:


Yes, I also had issues after travel mode. Resetting firmware worked, but I’m not using that travel mode again.


So In November I charged the assiomas [after following Favero instructions of resetting the firmware] fully and maintained a spreadsheet.

Till Jan 12th, I got 50 hours exact and STILL had yellow left for each battery, and they both drained evenly.

Charged them on 12th, and now, after only 4 hours, it is showing 50%. Some problem again.


What about power and cadence data? Looks normal?

After Garmin announced 4.0 firmware version and " Added cycling dynamics support for 3rd party power sensors" I contacted Favero asking if some firmware update will make available that features and they said “Hi,
Yes they are at the final stage of the implementation. Not to miss the update, please subscribe to our newsletter”:

So, a firmware update is coming, I hope this solve all your issues.


I just got some Assioma Duos, and I see the power and cadence “freeze” issue over Bluetooth, which should be fixed in the next FW update right?

I’m also seeing both cadence and power randomly drop to zero over ANT+, and other times the power data remains but the cadence drops out completely. Has anyone else seen this? I have an ANT+ stick on a long USB extension cable, never had any dropouts with my old power2max.


So Favero asked me to update to 3.42

just did and charging now. Hope it settles the issue. Was previously on 3.0. I think the new firmware is specifically for the issue that I am having.


Good luck! Let us know is this solves your problem!


Sadly still seems to be an issue. Did a 3 hour ride, and I lost 25% battery.


I had the same issue and have also updated the firmware. i have been skiing last week but will put a few hours on them this week and see if this new beta firmware has changed anything.


What is the reason to actually use Travel Mode?

You need to carry your Chargers anyway, so why not plug them in when you arrive at your destination and top up the charge?

I drove interstate last year with mine and didnt notice any thing different with battery level?

I love my pedals btw.

I helped out a guy from NSW last year who forgot his chargers and his pedals were in Travel mode. :slight_smile:



my right pedal is refusing to even switch on now and am waiting for their support to get back to me. i had no issues previous to the latest firmware and beta firmware that i have installed.


Didn’t work for me. 50% battery loss after 4 hours of usage.


i have requested to go back to the firmware before the travel mode as i had no issues before then.


That sounds good. I also had no issues with that firmware. Let me know if they give you that.


just to give you an update. They haven’t fully worked out why the right pedal suddenly stopped working but asked me to perform a minimum 12 hour charge and connect the pedals to the app again. This has seemed to of worked and from charging the pedals on Thursday last week and around 5 hours of training since then and i have had no further issues. i will be monitoring the battery performance to see how close i get to 50 hours on this new beta firmware though.


1st charge cycle after the update gave me over 50 hours. Next one gave me 6 hours. They said I should try another cycle. Seems OK now, but the entire thing boggles the mind. How can one cycle be ok, and the next a disaster?


seems to be the same pattern as me. we shall see how they hold up over the next couple of weeks.


Add me to the list of having one pedal draining way faster than the other - - my left pedal is acting up! :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: First issue I’ve had in the almost year I’ve had them now. Tried starting a ride, but my left pedal wouldn’t wake up to connect with anything. Threw the charger on and it showed yellow and a little under half full (right pedal was almost entirely full since I just charged them a couple weeks ago), but it wouldn’t stay on. Each time I put the charger on it showed less charge and then went to red and really low charge and my Garmin gave me a low power meter battery warning. Tried the Duo-Uno-Duo switch and I’m charging them again. I didn’t switch to travel mode or tweak any settings so I’m not sure what suddenly changed–I’m on 3.00, but I’m not sure when that updated.


Have you put in a support request? Hopefully they can fix this issue in a new firmware.


Yup, they suggested/sent a new special firmware to use from the app, v3.42. I’ll try it out tonight and start monitoring my battery levels more closely on subsequent rides.