Favero Assioma power "freezing"



3.42 worked for my first charge cycle after updating. I got 50 hours plus on a charge. Next time I charged, it died in less than 6-7 hours. Now trying again.


Good to know–so far so good, so we’ll see how the second charge goes (hopefully better than your experience, heh).


FYI, I had my bike on my Neo and noticed that my pedals were still talking to my ANT USB port hours after I stopped riding.

It was dark and I could see the pedals flashing. I unplugged the ANT USB from my PC and the pedals stopped flashing.

Charged my pedals as they were getting low!

Just a thought.


PS: Im on Firmware version 3.


That’s a point to keep in mind, but when I finish a session, I switch off all BT and ANT devices, so at least in my case this was not the cause.


I’ve been following this thread as I have the duos and saw this problem on with Bluetooth through the single left channel and ant+ going. I then went to Bluetooth through both channels with ant+ on. I still had some issues. So now I turn off Bluetooth entirely and just use ant+ exclusively and it’s flawless. Hope this helps.


You had battery drainage issues?

How do you turn off BT on the pedals?


Sorry I wasn’t clear. I just don’t connect with Bluetooth anymore. It caused the issues. With ant+ everything behaves as expected.