Favero Assioma Users

That’s almost the same value all around European websites. Crazy about how it’s much cheaper in the states wen its an European (Italian I think) brand.

It does seem a bit odd. Was that inclusive of sales tax? Don’t forget the postage and import taxes you’d have been sprung with buying it from the US into Portugal.

I bought a hat for my sister at Christmas – then got a nice bill from FedEx a fortnight later.

That’s the problem. Buying cheaper in the states but having custom taxes later it doesn’t get any cheaper in the end.

My question is why do assioma are so much cheaper in the USA than in Europe where they are built.

You need a portuguese friend who lives in the US who can bring you stuff, I’d offer but I’m not sure when I’m going yet!

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I’ve though on that. Have a friend that if he came this summer I’ll have to ask him.

Just a heads up they were only cheaper in the states during the clevertraining sale last November. The price now is $650 USD not sure the conversion, but I know amazon sells the pedals for $750 USD. CleverTraining is the only dealer matching the Favero website.

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They are cheaper all year around on CT. Those sales made them even better. Something to be aware.

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I can order direct from Favero for the same price as CT, but I have noticed no other group is selling at that price.

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I’ve had my Assioma’s for about a month now and have grown to really love them. Straight out of the box they tracked within 3W of my NGeco and looked really very constant using DCRainmakers comparison app. Battery life is excellent and I haven’t had to charge them yet. They just work.

Coming from SPD-SL pedals I was concerned about going to the Look style pedals but have been very pleasantly surprised. Clipping in and out isn’t much different. I’m using Wellgo 0º float cleats (same as the Expedo but less costly) and clipping out seems to be more of a smooth ramp as opposed to the SPD-SL seem like a sharp, quick release. Mine have the newer black springs and at the lowest setting the release tension is significantly less than my Ultegra 6800’s. This works out great for me since I have issues unclipping with my defective left leg and the low tension makes it much easier.

The user manual is also very well written and simple it use. Nice to see a company take the time and effort to produce an excellent manual since so many don’t bother even though you are spending big bucks on their products.

I would fully recommend these pedals.


And they come with an 8mm hex wrench too. It’s only a small thing, but it’s nice to find that when opening the box.


Yes, I forgot about that. And it is a nice long one which makes snugging the pedals up a little easier. They are a very nicely thought out product.

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Seems no one followed up your post. I had old version (silver screws/springs) and the oil retainer is the left one in your photo. Had ever done a pedal service but never saw dirty and dry in side. Btw, the pedals is one year old.


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Cheapest price i found was direct from them. Free shipping to the US.

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My 18 month pedals have the left style retainer with no o-ring.

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I’ve had my Duo for just about a year now. I was happy with no issues up until yesterday. Yesterday’s ride started out with the pedals not calibrating, kept getting an error message on the Garmin 530. My ride went on without any cadence or power readings, sucks.

After getting home, I tried again to calibrate with no success. The right pedal battery was almost completely drained, I thought that was going to be the problem. I had to calibrate via the Favero Assioma app, which at first kept doing the same as the Garmin 530 with an error failed to calibrate. I eventually was able to calibrate on the app, though have not tested on the Garmin yet. Will try later this morning.

I was very happy with the pedals and performance up until now. Still have another year left on the warranty. Hopefully my issue can be easily resolved if it continues.


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last week i bought the Uno’s from Mantel in the Netherladns. 48 hours to my door, great service and were about £40 cheaper than UK suppliers.

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Is it possible to turn the pedals of while i’m on the trainer?

I have no use for them when i’m on my Neo and figured i might aswell protect the battery :stuck_out_tongue:

You could put them in travel mode… to wake them you’ll need to give them a quick jumpstart with the charger. I wouldn’t worry. The battery should hold up.

From a Favero email two years ago: “In practical terms, we designed and tested a system that can assure 500 complete recharges (more than 25,000 hours of use!). And, even after that many recharge cycles, the battery capacity is reduced by only 20%”

I’m still using the same set from two years ago with no apparent degradation in battery life.

I have this issue that it always seems to fail calibration from the Garmin when I also have TR connected to them through my computer.