Feature Request: Calendar - defining the week day start



Hi TR! Love the new calendar.

I have a request/suggestion. Right now, the calendar is split into weeks that start Monday and end Sunday, with a tally of TSS, Time, etc. Sometimes it’s not great for someone to have their week defined like this - shift work, family/work obligations, whathaveyou.

Would it be possible to have a function that allows us to redefine our weeks? i.e. Weds to Tues. This way, people can adjust the week rows as it fits their training window and the weekly tallies could reflect this as well.



I agree. I would love this feature.


My brain works on Sunday start… so it gete confusing when I’m flipping between my daily Life agenda & training calendar


Oblewis, have you received a reply from TR on this yet. I am very interested in this feature.


Hey all!

Thanks so much for sharing your feedback on this!

Adjustable Calendar Start Date is not currently on our Development Roadmap, unfortunately :pensive: . Training Calendars have traditionally always started on Mondays, and that is the way we chose to build it. That being said, we are always listening to our users and if the demand for this continues to grow, then we may consider adding adjustability in the future as development resources free up.


I agree this would be great. I look at schedules in every other part of my life that are Sunday to Saturday, so every time I look at my TR calendar I think it’s a different day. It’s just a little confusing.


Agreed this would be great! My work schedule works on a different week (sat-sun) so adjusting would be super helpful.


I agree. Every calendar I use is a Sunday through Saturday standard. These are my IOS calendar, Outlook Calendar, shared calendars with my wife, and the calendar the local realtor sends me every year. I’m getting used to the TR calendar and have adapted to the TR format, but it would be nice if TR calendars were the same as the others, or at least give you the option of which day you would like your week to start on. But the TR calendar feature is a great feature and am very satisfied with it. As a feature enhancement I also wish there were radio buttons that you could select to display “calendar view” or “list view”.