Feature Request: Colors and more colors



Loving TrainerRoad! TR lifer here for sure. :slight_smile:

So 2 feature requests which I promise (think) is towards making your subscribers faster cyclists. :sweat_smile:

(1) Color-coded cards in the calendar. Workouts to me are like “cards” in the calendar. So for example, doing 2 workouts in a day shows 2 cards/boxes per day. If the cards are color-coded such that a high TSS workout is RED while an easier workout is GREEN, it allows me to space out my workouts so I avoid 2 consecutive RED days – or something to that effect. I understand the TSS number is displayed on a laptop (not on the iPad) but it’d be so much easier to organize if it was colored.

(2) Colored bars depending on % of FTP. From my experience with another platform, seeing a different color for an upcoming Vo2Max or Sprint effort really pumps me up. It likes it psychs my mind for a certain effort level. I’ve read others request for this in the forum, and I understand this isn’t a priority, but changing the blue bars really does help.

I hope this post makes sense. If not, I apologize for being too high from the TR workout I finished a few minutes ago. :joy:


I actually get great satisfaction seeing my power follow the all blue graph and also love seeing the blue workouts completed in my calendar. So I hope they don’t change that. I really think that’s what makes TR stand out. With that said I do completely understand what you are saying. So I’m not implying your suggestion is bad.


Covered in greater detail here :slight_smile: