Feature Request - Default option for manually uploaded rides without power



Outdoor rides without power - I commute to work 5 days a week but without a power meter. I upload the rides and manually set the intensity to moderate, this gives a good estimate of the TSS. I’d like a way to be able to set this level by default for all the rides I upload rather than having to go into each one and do it manually. It would also be useful for users uploading a large number of historical rides.

Outdoor rides without power will probably fall into two groups,

  1. specific workouts but no power available - in which case the RPE will be different for each and the user may want to try different levels to get the TSS they expect for the session and

  2. commutes where the same ride is done multiple times so an automated solution to estimate the TSS ie having a default RPE option, will be beneficial

The default could still be overwritten if you did a specific ride at a different intensity or not selected.


Plus one for this request, would be very useful


Not a bad idea, but the ability to copy amd/or make recurring workouts (with populated settings) may well cover this need.


Yes for this. I’d actually prefer them to allow us, the users, to suck up the limitations of hrTSS and use that. But as they are so dead against that, this would be the next best thing.

I’m in the same boat, and just basically done a month’s worth of commutes. It was a pain. Even if there was the option to select a few outdoor rides, and apply the RPE to them rather than have to go into each individually.


Has this been added?1? :slight_smile:

The last two days commutes sync’d from Strava (without power) have included TSS, what is this based on?

Anyone else seen the same with uploaded rides




I agree an auto TSS would be useful. My commute yesterday didn’t have a TSS via strava. Interesting that you did JPJ


Agree on this, would be nice to get historical estimated TSS even if lower than it would have been otherwise. I’m not going back through years of history clicking buttons! Equally, going forward it would be nice to get TSS for commutes without manually having to do this.


That must have been a one off for me, rides back to having 0 tss when uploaded