Feature request: display live FTP%


It would be great to me, because it’s a quick&easy way to match my hometrainer power to my assioma outdoor activities.


Already requested.


From reading his question, my assumption is: he’s requesting to display %FTP instead of absolute watts. E.g. 65% instead of 130W (based on 200W FTP).

But maybe I’m wrong with that.


I turn on my Garmin at the same time if I want that.


@dr3do you’re not wrong: that’s exactly what i’m interested to


Customizable fields (same amount of fields, so no change in layout, Just different data) would be great.

From what I know / have seen there have been requests (Reddit, Facebook, YT, e-mail) for that.


Yes I would love customizable fields. I’m happy with the “main” fields, but it would be nice to be able to customize the fields on that secondary page that you get to by swiping the zoomed in graph.