Feature Request follow other TR users


I think it would be cool to be able to follow other TR users that are “public”. Just A quick link to their calendar is all that would be needed. I’ve come across some strong riders when tooling around in TR workouts that I’d love to follow and get a look at how they organize there training. I know that’s what Strava does but looking at how they plan there training in full view would be cool.


Flip side of the coin could be that many strong riders enjoy the fact that it’s difficult to view their training plan on TR. Many also keep their Strava profiles private for this reason too.


I’m sure there’s a mix of that. I’m not asking everyone to go public but those that are willing I enjoy looking at. Not in attempt to replicate but to get a big picture of different training and how they incorporate TR


I should clarify the meaning strong can be misleading because everyone’s definition would be different. So it doesn’t necessarily have to be the top 1%. I’d just rather click through a few athletes training profiles than cruise other social media.


There is a Teams function which allows you to form a group and have members opt in. My club’s race team used it for a while a couple years ago. You can see everyone’s TR workouts and it had a message board feature.

We ended up drifting away from that and just follow each other on Strava. That works better.


Good point, I completely forgot about the Teams.


And there is a TR group on Strava with many members there already.

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This would be nice. I saved the url’s for a few people and I check what they’ve been doing from time to time. I’ve found some neat workouts by just browsing what others are doing. To find interesting profiles I’ll check the all-rides tab on hard workouts and look for high-powered riders.


I do the all rides tab also.