[Feature Request] Fuzziness in Interval Summaries



The one thing that I still find frustrating with a dumb trainer is that I routinely “fail” short intervals (5 seconds, for example). For example, I recently did Ebbets and “failed” the sprints during the last interval. It turns out though, if I just move the interval by one second, I didn’t fail them.

With interval search, I can now just search within the workout (let’s say by the minimum power for the lowest sprint interval and 5 seconds duration) and I get a list of all the 5 second-sprints. Then I can compare to the intervals.

What would be super cool would be if TR could do that work automatically by applying a certain fuzziness to the intervals. So if in the workout summary it lists Sprint 12 as 350/375 or whatever, it could just look 1-2 seconds to the right and see if that changes the power upwards. Does that make sense?


That totally makes sense and in my opinion, this sounds like a great idea. It’s tough to nail down short intervals like this on a dumb trainer, even though you’re still doing the required work you’re off by a few seconds. I’ve passed your suggestion on to our product management team!


I second this;

Dumb trainer/ virtual power;

I tend to treat intervals as if they start ~5-7 seconds earlier than they do to get around this.

Coincidentally, there is no such lag when you let off the power (evil cyclery god’s I’m looking at you). So all sprint intervals tend to get an extra ~5 sec of duration tacked on.

Obviously this is tricky with shorter intervals, especially ~30 sec and under, where extending the intervals ~5 sec is actually a significant amount of extra training load.

Ohh, and thanks for an amazing product.

5 stars I dare say :wink: