Feature Request: "Give me more work to do"



I started with TR this year. Spent some time looking at related plans and different plans, reading and listening about training planning, and can searching the workout library. Between what i see in plans and searching, I have a handful of workout families like Pettit, Galena, etc., that are my go-to fillers or extra work workouts based on workouts I see in those plans. At least a couple of families per zone (endurance, SS, VO2) and duration, which are my main variables. I usually sort by TSS to narrow down to a specific section of results.

It takes some effort to get there, but I have a better appreciation of how a plan is built for the effort.


I am on the Sweet Spot low volume plan and have already followed both of @mcneese.chad recommendations. I turn a 60 min workout into a 75min by selecting the next harder variation (typically adds an extra interval) and I pick a work out from the mid volume plan to add to the weekend (typically an over-under workout). I don’t think it needs to be overly complicated and the system is flexible enough to deal with week to week time constraints.


Does the mid vol build half distance start with a week of 18h workload? Or is it just an error in my calendar?