Feature request/idea: Add intervals during workout / switching to +1 versions



Extending cool/warm downs is supported on the phone app and coming for the desktop versions if I’m correct. However something else crossed my mind the other day. Some days during a workout, lets say a typical Sweet Spot workout, at the end you find yourself fully able to have done one or a couple of extra intervals. The current option I can think of is picking a +1/2/… version on purpose and quitting at the normal stopping point if it isn’t such a day. This however would mean that in most cases you are dropping out of your workout early, although you completed the planned workout at that point. While it probably doesn’t look that good looking back at your workout, I think the bigger issue is the mental image it leaves, practically you quit a workout. I also don’t really think it should be a very regular thing one would do, but for those amazing days an option to repeat a section on the fly may be a nice solution.

A couple of points that would need to be addressed:

  • How many people would find use in such a feature?
  • More complicated to implement than the extended cool down, ‘What exactly do you repeat?’
  • Is this situation at its core a desirable thing? Extending planned workouts on good days.

I’d love to hear others opinions of this.


I would love a feature that would allow me to add extra intervals of the same type to the end of an in progress workout!


Such a feature would be really cool. Thought about that myself, would offer you so much flexibility. I don’t use the calendar or any of the other recent features. The only reason why I have a subscription is the desktop app. But this seems a little bit neglected.

Workout creator has these snippets. It would be nice if I could set up my own snippet library and load snippets into a ride. Let’s say I did a few threshold intervals, feel strong and want to add some tempo o/u. Just select the snippet and load it.


Nice idea. Perhaps the way to approach it would be to change on the fly to the +1 / +2 / -1 versions. IF those versions exist. the problem is the changes made between the +1/+2/-1 versions – may not be able to go to the same point in time on the next version.


+1 I like this idea


Yes! Love this idea. Sometimes I get on the bike thinking I’ve only got an hour to train, but my schedule changes and I have an extra 15-30 minutes and the legs to do another interval. Would love to be able to add an interval or set on the fly!


+1 for this idea


The +1 versions aren’t always ‘another interval’. Some of them increase the intensity of the intervals or change the rest between them.


If I could add another related feature addition request. Having the option of letting the time continue to run during the rest period between intervals without having to continue pedaling. I like to get off and stretch or just walk around for the break but I don’t want to get back on the bike after 5 minutes of stretching to then have to complete the full rest period before the next interval.


I think you should achieve that by disabling the “Pedal to resume / pause” feature in the app.


Nice. Thanks.