Feature request: live FTP during ramp tests



Was in the process of doing a ramp test and it occurred to me that it ought to be possible to display a live calculation of your potential FTP (1min power divided by .75) in addition to it being displayed at the end of the workout.
I think this might help me push just that little bit more for that extra watt.

Feature request: display live FTP%

We have chosen not to do live FTP updates in the app because we believe that it will cause riders to limit themselves rather than push harder.

Oftentimes users have a specific goal in mind when they are doing their FTP test, so the moment they reach their goal, they are willing to give up. This is not how the Ramp Test is designed to work. We don’t want you to quit when you reach your goal; we want you to quit when you physically can’t continue.

I hope that makes sense!


Thanks for the explanation. Makes sense.


I don’t know, if you believe in gamification then seeing your “score” racking up should be more likely to push you harder. It certainly sounds like it could be a winner…


Maybe an option to display or not could be considered?


It shouldn’t matter. The point is to push yourself as hard as you possibly can until you reach total failure. Don’t chase a number, just go until you can’t.


I really really want this feature as well. The mental power to push a little harder when seeing that number racking up can do a lot more than physical power without mental power…


I try not to look at the time pass 15 min in… Just to get that 19 ish min in is a mind limiter I think.


Then my suggestion would be to change the Workout Instruction Text. Given that break-even for the Ramp Test 19:30, I find these two instruction text lines particularly incongruous.

18:05 - Then you’re a tougher athlete than I am
18:12 - You have officially surpassed Coach Chad’s ability to endure


Perhaps it shouldn’t matter, but I’m pretty sure psychological factors like this do matter.

Maybe I’ll do my next ramp at the gym so I have an audience :wink:


Also discussed here


I get what you’re saying and for some that may be true. But,I feel like if someone is concerned with reaching a certain number they might settle and say I feel like I’m done instead of actually being done. It’s just a different mindset going into it.


I do agree that text need updating since the ‘break even’ point to maintain same ftp is 19mim 30 secs. If you know this then can ‘keep own score’ if you wish!


Ditto the above. We all now know it’s 19m30s to break even.
Perhaps the Ramp Test needs just to show elapsed time per ramp.

I know when I did my last Ramp Test that hitting 19:30 was a negative motivator, in that I felt intuitively that I didn’t need to do any more, because I was in positive FTP territory.


I didn’t know the 19m 30 until this thread. I can’t unsee it now!


I dunno…if you are chasing a number, then this is a self-limiter. If it’s that important, do math prior to and figure out what target you need to hit to make you successful.


I’ve passed this feeback onto the team, thanks Julian.


I don’t think that psychology is true, not for us competitive cyclist.


I agree with TR here and it’s been discussed plenty of times before. The ramp test is designed for you to go until you absolutely cannot anymore. If you are suggesting that seeing a number would help you, then you haven’t been giving it your all.


“Giving it all” is probably more mental than it is purely physical.