Feature request: live FTP during ramp tests



Agreed - this is the way to go


This would be really annoying. A one time toggle would be much more user friendly than having to switch it out every time.


Yes I agree a toggle switch would be better, but 2 tests may work as a faster interim measure if software is difficult


TLDR I don’t have an opinion about the live FTP but the on screen text should definitely be changed.


Yes! Agree with this way more than live ftp or not


You are the boss, make it happen!


Same, wish I hadn’t read this thread now.


There are definitely 2 camps here for sure - not quite as controversial as Brexit though:-) I have to say I favour live update of FTP :slight_smile: Although now that someone has posted the 19:30 figure, I’m not so sure :-))))) However, given that every minute you complete at a certain W x 0.75 equals your FTP for the ramp test, I always start with a target to beat … I guess the 19:30 saves the calculations beforehand ! On screen would suit me