Feature Request - Option to see all instructional text after a workout

It’d be great to be able to view the full list of Coach Chad’s instructional pearls of wisdom after a workout. Maybe a button on the “Ride Summary” form that would open the full list of the workout instructions. I tend to miss quite a few of them in the midst of pain!


@oggie41 If you import a workout into Workout Creator, click on the workout block, and select “edit text” you can see Coach Chad’s on screen instructions and tips.

Thanks @bobmac, yeah I’ve seen it in Workout Creator before. I think it’d be loads more convenient to see it in the app though. It’s a bit of a hassle firing up the Workout Creator (especially with the speed of my laptop at the moment :grimacing:).

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@oggie41 I think the challenge with your suggestion is that many/most of Coach Chad’s comments are specific to the exact workout location, and not general comments to be taken out of context. In order to fully implement your suggestion, I would think that they would need to develop sort of cliff notes of the workout with pictures of the section of the workout along with the instructions/tips to go along with it.

@oggie41 btw: I think we all miss some of the suggestions amidst the pain . . . but sometimes I think that is a good thing :smile:

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I’d be happy just seeing the list of instructions. Especially as I’d likely be viewing them pretty soon after a workout.


I would actually like the option to preview the workout text as it pertains to the workout intervals. I too miss a portion of them at least during the workout so if I could look ahead of time and know that “okay, the first two intervals are speed drills, the next two are quadrant drills and the last two are standing for x amount of time” I could then scratch that info onto a sticky note of just remember how long I am aiming to hold a standing effort etc.


I would also suggest if possible the ability to choose which screen to have the text appear on… when I’m running two screens its all too easy to miss the text.

I for one would really benefit from being able to read the in-ride instructions before a workout and again after a workout to reinforce what Coach Chad is telling me. I don’t ride with my head down, staring at my phone so I know I miss some things.

I was a bit frustrated yesterday when I was riding Tunnabora which is 5 x 7-minute sweet-spot intervals with cadence ladders. Halfway through interval 4, the instructions say “remember, cadence is more important than power”. My response, out loud was “now you F’in tell me”!! Would be good to know this heading into the ride.

Thanks for a great product.


Thanks for the suggestion! I agree that it would be really helpful to be able to preview the workout text before jumping into the ride.

I’ve shared this with our Product Managers and tagged this thread with the #feature-request tag :slight_smile:

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Maybe you could merge this with the similar requests:

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I have the same request. Just found this on the forum and was wondering if there’s any status update from the team. Particularly any sort of estimate of when something might be ready. Thanks so much for considering this as a feature upgrade