Feature Request: Personal records only for TR rides



Hallo TR,

I have a problem, that I feel like at least a few people might share. I use a very different setup for outdoor and indoor rides and therefore have two very different FTP values. Outdoors (Stages on Cannondale crank) my wattage is way higher than indoors (Vectors on indoor bike).

Now since TR pulls in outdoor rides, my personal records are flooded with outdoor rides that usually yield higher FTP values for me.

To really track progress during the seasons it would be super nice, if there was a way to only include TR rides in the personal record charts. This way I would be able to track my progress TR wise, e.g. from plan to plan, without all PRs overshadowed by outdoor rides and races.

Just an idea. Otherwise; keep up the great work. Love the app!



I haven’t viewed in a while but maybe the answer is here…


Its not really in there. At least not that I can see. It is possible to create seasons and I use this feature personally, however its not possible to limit a season to contain only TR indoor rides.


Thanks for the suggestion! We are currently “full-speed-ahead” to try to get our Apps updated to allow for adjustment of the Calendar in-app, however, we will keep this idea in mind for when resources free up :slight_smile: