Feature Request "Plan Compliance" Metric

In addition to the “Compliance rate” metric that @Nate discussed in Our Training Plans are Improving, it would be useful to add a “Plan Compliance” metric. Which would track how “compliant” you are to your scheduled workouts over a user defined rolling window (e.g., 3 weeks, 5 weeks, etc.).

My underlying hypothesis is that for a lot (most?) of us, “Plan Compliance” is a better predictor of improvement than which plan / plan volume we are doing. Plus with this you could do some interesting analysis: do I need 8 solid weeks of plan compliance to see gains? More / less? Also, you could analyze something like: is 75% plan compliance to a mid volume plan better for me than 95% compliance to a low volume plan, or vice versa.


I really like this idea, especially the potential ability to see/predict gains.


I really don’t like this idea but I can see why people would want it.

If you choose to do it, just please don’t use the word compliance, which is a word with only negative connotations in my industry. :slight_smile:


@JoeX I totally get the negative connotation with “compliance”, hence the quotes and me definitely not being in marketing :rofl:

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I think most of us basically already know how plan-compliant we’ve been. For those who let every uncertainty lead to inflated doubts, do they really need another way to dose themselves with pressure to stick to a plan, and does plan compliance, no matter the other circumstances, always create the best possible result?
Your idea regarding an analysis of varying levels of compliance to varying plans would have neither a control nor enough data to yield meaningful results. If you’re after a comparison between 2 levels of training activity, the weekly TSS in plans is already available and the scalars 75% and 95% can be applied to them. 6-week exponential moving average.

I’ve requested this before and had good feedback, both from TR and from other users but what I’d love to see is a basically a “Seasonal Zones” view as well as the option to view by plan.

For the season view, you could use your same seasons you’ve created in the Power records pages but view it by zones, essentially showing you how much time you spent in the various zones. Obviously, at each FTP update, those zones would change but the time in zone would stay relevant to your FTP at that time, as in Threshold work doesn’t retroactively become Sweet Spot work simply because you grew your FTP during those 8 weeks.

In viewing by “Plan Zones”, it would show me the total time spent in each zone during the plan vs. the total time prescribed. This one is the kicker as I don’t think people realize how much they cut corners, downgrade to a minus version, dial down the intensity, back-pedal or just plain skip a workout here and there. I think we all get to the end of a plan and expect results and then scratch our heads as to why we didn’t get them. Before we know it, we’re on the Ask a Cycling Coach podcast asking whether to use BCAA’s, which sleep mask won’t dry our eyes out and whether to add 3ml of scented candle wax to our chain lube or 4ml when really IT’S BECAUSE WE DID NOT DO THE WORK! At the very least, if anyone is attempting to cancel their subscription they should get a notice showing how little work they actually did so Trainer Road can make it clear who’s fault it is when the results down come.

Don’t forget that they used to have a metric for this before the calendar, there was a bar graph next to the completed plan, but it only tracked skipped workouts. If you swapped a workout, that counted as green, and if you altered or stopped one early, it still counted. While compliance might be a bit much, I do like to use how many times I might need to bail as a judge to see if I’m overreaching or not. Sometimes an ego check also helps… I had my best build since joining TR after manually dropping my FTP by 5 watts at the beginning and thus had near perfect compliance (and good fitness gains) in the plan.

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